PowerVu Bug / Problem in DM520

  • Hello Dear Experts,

    I am using DreamBox DM520 receiver.

    I am facing a problem in using Oscam, Ncam and other cams for PowerVu and other scrambled channels. These all channels are working fine with me

    But when I tune to AsiaSat-7 (105.6 East ) TP-3960 H Turner International Asia, Cartoon Network Channels. Then my other scrambled channels don't open unless I fully restart my receiver.

    Though these channels are working fine on VU Zero 4K receiver and on the Enigma2 side of Amiko Alien 2 receiver.

    Kindly look into the matter and solve this problem in the coming firmware updates of dreambox DM520 receiver.

    Thanking in Advance.

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    Kindly if you don't know the solution, then please don't comment here to make this thread more complicated.

  • Why do you think the firmware is the problem?

    As already mentioned in the 1st post, I have checked with same emu and configuration on Amiko Alien 2 that these channels are working fine.

    "Though these channels are working fine on VU Zero 4K receiver and on the Enigma2 side of Amiko Alien 2 receiver."

  • It's not my Opinion but you have to agree its fault in DM520. I have tested this configuration in DM Image, Open Vision and OpenATV 5.3 & 6.3.

    In all three same problem is persistent.

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  • Wao thanks. Infact I love DreamBox. In one forum some was quoting VU Zappers are better than Dream boxes. And he quoted this issue.

    Now kindly guide me through private message .

  • You only get support here for scrambled channels that work with a CI-Module(not CI+).

    DM520 doesn't have a CI built-in...

    Dear Dreambox support
    the same issue on DM525 which have CI build-in... and the same firmware I guess :)
    In fact it's not only PowerVu issue. The same is on legal card, which I have, using other DES encripted system.
    It's your firmware issue as it works well on older Dreambox models which I have too.

  • Today I have received this response from the https://github.com

    "This is a known problem of some receivers that has to do with switching from the DES encryption algorithm (used by most powervu channels) back to the CSA algorithm (used by all other channels).

    It is purely a driver issue of your box and has nothing to do with oscam-emu. You should ask your box manufacturer or image supplier to fix it."

    Now it is my humble request to DreamBox Admin, kindly raise the issue for fixing driver problem in the upcoming updates of the Dreambox DM520.

    Thanking you in Advance.

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  • Yes, but still nothing wrong. Dreamboxes are DVB compliant STBs, which never use DES, DVB uses CSA as you've already stated.
    But only AFN uses DES with their propietary hardware which is not DVB compliant (even if the services are transmitted via DVB), there are no smartcards for it, DES is usually only used in the United States for ATSC or other non-DVB compliant systems.

    So you can't complain as it is not a bug/issue, it's just not supported even if the used SoC could handle it. There is also no reason to implement it as it is only used for illegal reception of services.

    PS: You've also agreed to the board rules (https://dreambox.de/board/index.php?terms/) when you've registered. So please remove your links to these softcam related topics.

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  • thanks @dhwz
    iknow this is not supoorted for dvb compliant , but with older box like 800 there is no problem at all and working like a charm
    the same happens with 900-920 (not working)
    and afn's are without problem , but some others like 4.8 has problem

    DM900-1TB HDD-FBC-S2X-Inverto120&Inverto100


  • @dhwz - no AFN does not use DES as you wrote. There are other services e.g on 4.8E and 15W using DES. I guess they are legal in dedicated boxes but not for public purposes. (hotels, markets promo etc.)
    However you can buy occasional cards which decode stuff on ebay etc. just for DX hobby :)
    Maybe was it deliberate to break non-commercial solution by Dreambox? Nevermind. I agree and accept you do not have to support it but it would be nice since it worked earlier on your boxex and familiar companies support it.

  • You can 'fish' for a solution as long as you want! Even if you own a card for the specific services Dream does *not* support it and never will from a official point of view! Dream only supports DreamCrypt (as a 'hook-up' how to implement a softcam) and CI modules (if the box has a CI slot.

    All other options are deemed illegal since Dream holds no further licences...

    If you want you can change the image in your box that *does* support your desired functions..