DM500 HD Inaccessible after update

  • Hello!

    I was using the web interface to remotely control my DM500 HD and I unintentionally selected to update the system software. I could not abort it once it had began. So after completion, it said that 58 packages have been updated and I rebooted. That's all fine, except now when I access the web interface I can see that all the different boxes are showing animations and loading. So all I get is the outlines of the interface, there is no content coming up anywhere. This is likely to do with XML and Python... because I saw that one of the packages that were downloaded and installed were named Python XML or similar, and I sometimes see a validation error on the web interface saying something about "XML parser" bla, bla.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I had been postponing this system update for years... as if I knew it could screw things up for me. Apparently I was right all this time.

    How do I get my Dreambox back to normal operation?

    1. Telnet access is not working.
    "Resource temporarily unavailable"

    2. SSH access is not working.
    "Resource temporarily unavailable"

    3. HTTP access is bugging.

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  • I am not sure what I did, but it suddenly decided to start working again. All I did was just navigate through different menus on the Dreambox and I was also checking out different features and options in TS Panel but I did not take any action to run a utility or a command or perform a task. I was just checking my options to see if I missed something.

    So anyway, it has decided automagically to start working again, so I am good for now.

    Oh and, 1. SSH now works, and 2. Telnet also works.

    I must have unintentionally touched its g spot...

  • My current system is following.

    Enigma2: 2012-11-03-3.2
    Image: Release 3.2.3 2012-07-07

    Where do I find this 3.2.3 image for my Dreambox?

    The only available download is "Release 3.2.4 from 04.11.2012".


    But u should think about upgrading your box (e.g. buying a dm900 or dm 920) ;)

    I was just looking at DM920 UHD and it is very expensive here. It's not very sought after product and only 2 e-tailers have it in stock. No one else really sells these here. The alternative is to order it from Germany or some other country and save at least 30% off the listed price here, shipping included.

    But the price is not the main reason I don't wand something like DM920 UHD. It's the top of the line equipment! I give you that! But I don't really need something maxed out like that. I would be happy with something more simple like DM500 HD. I see there is a "V2" version of this model now, maybe something like that would do.

    Anyway! Thanks for the encouragement! There are a number of things I should do that I never get around to, like painting and redecorating the second bedroom. I am not lazy. I am just an incredible procrastinator. Postponing the Dreambox update for several years speaks for itself.

    Nevertheless, why are you trying to flash such an old image? Use the latest OE2.0 Image...…box/2.0.0/images/dm500hd/

    Because that's what I'm familiar with and I know it works. Afraid of change. Plus I didn't know about "OE2.0".

    You mean this works on my old Dreambox too?

    What is this "OE2.0"? What does it stand for?... open enigma? Open dreambox? Is this official software by Dream Multimedia?

  • This is the latest official image for your box.


    Is this it?

    It says "experimental". So it's not stable?

    I still don't understand what is what. For starters this is version 2.0.0. Mine is 3.2.3 and is older?... in what universe? I need to understand what I will be installing if I decide to do this.

    And who owns ""? Dream Multimedia? The Whois data is obfuscated, so it's hard to tell.

  • No you have OE1.6 not 2.0

    3.2.3 is the version of the Enigma2 binary (but you have 3.2.4 because you've updated from the feed).

    experimental means nothing just ignore it is stable, it just wasn't released as a stable image.

    Just flash the latest image from 2017 from (this is the official website)
    And there is no Dream Multimedia anymore the company is named Dream Property for year's now.

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  • What is OE? How do I verify that I have version 1.6?

    If I update from the "feed", then the "Image" field on the About view does not update? So internally it is 3.2.4 but the About view says 3.2.3?

    So the company name has been changed from Dream Multimedia GmbH to Dream Property GmbH. I have not noticed this before, but I can see on that the copyright notice has changed.

  • yes usually it would be OpenEmbedded, but actually it means OpenDreambox 1.6 and 2.0, OpenEmbedded itself doesn't use such a versioning system.

    ssh instead of asking too many questions just flash it ;)
    and you don't need to verify it, you have OE1.6 as 3.2.4 is the latest E2 binary of OE1.6, OE2.0 version is 4.0.0

    ~# /usr/bin/enigma2
    Enigma2 v4.0.0 (revision: tarball-20160616-0-g724eb6a, date: 2016-06-16)

    and current boxes use OE2.5 (DreamOS binary (Enigma2) v4.3.2)

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