DM920 occacional freezing for a few seconds

  • My DM920 do occacionally freeze the picture usually with some strange pixels in parts of the screen. Most of the times, it resolves itself within a few seconds, but some times I have to change channel to get it up and running again. A couple of times during one month or so, it have also frozen solid so I had to reboot using the power switch. These short freezes may appear randomly, usually at least 10 minutes between but also one day or so so it is not a big deal but still annoying, especially for my wife...

    SNR is at least 86, never seen it lower, and often over 90. Using a standard 68cm(?) dish at 0.8w and unicable. OpenATV 6.2

    Any ideas where to go from here?

  • Start by flashing a supported image (OpenATV is NOT using DreamOS). With regard to CCCam: read again the board rules


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