Picon from pc to cm 920

  • Ciao a tutti. Qualcuno mi spiega come mettere la cartella picon che ho sul pc all'interno del dm920 ??? Ho visto che c'è un altro passo ma non ho capito come fare il lato pratico. L'immagine e l'originale grazie mille

  • Italian language in the english section.... Respect...

  • I'm sorry

    I would like to move the folder of the picon on hdd or a usb stick that is attached to the dm 920 but I can not change the path (I only work if I put them in usr / share / .........) there is possibility to do it ?? (I like to keep the memory of the free receiver and it is a 35MB folder). thank you so much
    and sorry again if I had written in Italian before ( dm920 original image )

  • Hi Teto.71mo,

    if the problem still does not resolve, most Enigma2 firmwares looks for picons in multiple places. I do not know what the Dreambox firmware does, but I think so. From the OpenATV code on GitHub, it is obvious this picon path:


    In your case, an external HDD or USB storage device will either be plugged into "/media/hdd" or into "/media/usb" and you will be completing the path yourself depending on where the external memory device is mounted. Basically, just create a "picon" folder in the root folder of the external disk and move the picons to it. Reboot. Done. ;-)

  • Wenn man im Original Image in der Kanallisteneinstellung den Piconpfad
    /data/picon_50x30 auswählt wird trozdem die Größe von „picon“ angezeigt .
    Um die picon_50x30 anzeigen lassen muss man ein symlink setzten .
    Im Merlin Image funktioniert das so wie es soll .
    Wenn das nicht so ein auffand ist wäre es schön wenn das mal gefixt wird . ;)

    Vielen Dank

    Frohe Weihnachten

  • Creating a symbolic link on a folder in an external hard disk (example):

    1. external_dir=/media/hdd/picon # variable with a external dir (/media/usb/picon or /mnt/usb/picon , etc.)
    2. mkdir $external_dir # make the new directory on external disk
    3. mv /usr/share/enigma2/picon/* $external_dir # move all picons from SKIN directory into new directory
    4. rmdir /usr/share/enigma2/picon # delete the empty picons directory
    5. ln -sf $external_dir /usr/share/enigma2 # create the sym-link to new directory
    6. reboot

    Return to original state (without symbolic link):

    1. unlink /usr/share/enigma2/picon
    2. mkdir /usr/share/enigma2/picon
    3. mv /media/hdd/picon/* /usr/share/enigma2/picon
    4. reboot