DM920 Unicable SatCR setup

  • After almost a decade with 4 channel LNB and 4 cables connected to a DM8000 with 4 S2 tuners, I have upgraded to DM920 with twin S2 FBC tuner and DUR-line UK124 LNB.

    My old setup gave me full flexibility to watch one channel and simultanously have several recordings running but I'm struggeling to set up my new unicable system. Hours of googling the last couple of days haven't helped too much... So far, I can watch one channel and record another but that is all and absolutely not what I expected...

    Tuner A1:
    Unicable user defined

    Tuner A2 have same settings but SatCR2, tuner A3 have SatCR3 and so on.

    Do this look correct or can anyone point me in the right direction.

    I have a Canal Digital subscription and the dish points to Thor 0.8w

  • Hi, you should choose type unicable, Unicable configuration mode set to Unicable LNB. There you will find manufaturer Dura-Sat(DUR-line), and then choose type UK124. As you say, all tunerblocks should have different SATCRX for different frequencies spesific to that LNB module. One cable with satcr splitter to each tuner module.

    I'm from norway and have your hardware setup, works fine.

    - FoxyRabbit - Peter Pan team -

  • Which software are you running? In standard DreamOS you should only see tuners A1 and A2 as the tuner has only two inputs. OpenATV and alike work with 8 virtual tuners instead.

    Assuming you run DreamOS, you only need to configure the tuner input that actually is connected to your LNB. Then you need to select only LNB1 for that tuner but select multiple SCR Frequencies in the respective field. You can set multiple values via the < and > buttons next to 0 on your remote.

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  • One more thing. The old DM8000 is relocated to the boy's room. The tuner is connected to the same LNB via a 1-4 splitter. I can only select the correct LNB if I choose LNB1 but I'm unable to find any channels... With other varoius settings, I may find a couple dozen channels but I should reach at least 6-700 if my settings are correct.

    I also installed remotechannelstreamconvert to stream the DM920 channels to DM8000 so the boy is happy but I would like to get the tuner setup right as well (at least for the sake of learning how to do it correctly).

  • How does you setup look like for the DM8000? You need to select different SCR frequencies than you used on the DM920.

    You may also keep in mind that the first 8 SCRs are the ones supported by Unicable (the "old" standard) while 7-24 are only usable with Unicable2 (also known as JESS) capable software. DreamOS for DM920 definitely does support Unicable2, but original enigma2 for the DM8000 does not.
    For OpenATV I have no idea.

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