DM800HDPVR Error

  • My Dreambox 800 HD I can't load any image, and it doesn't work anymore.
    by Dreamup and Nullmodem cable It does not activate the Flash function, and the web in the viewfinder always appears the message # error #... please help to recover..... :wacko:

  • What is the exact error shown in the OLED screen? Err01 No CA found by any chance?

    The DM800HD-PVR is now about 10-11 years old. Reparing any HW error is a bit silly for this device. The device simply has no economical value any more. You can buy a DM520 for a quarter of the price the old DM800 webt for. The DM520 is twice as fast, has 4 times more RAM and can do anything the old DM800HD-PVR could..

    IF the DM800HD is genuine, proceed as follows:

    Download the last original version from

    1. Completely shutdown the DM800HD-PVR (power off, not just standby)
    2. Connect a null modem cable between the DM800HD-PVR and your PC
    3. Start DreamUp and check COM port settings
    4. Click on 'Connect'
    DreamUp prepares for HTTP connection. When DreamUp is ready it asks you to turn on the Dreambox.
    5. Turn on DM800HD-PVR
    If everything is connected properly DreamUp will receive the box's info. The 'Flash' button in Dreamup should be activated now.
    6. Click on the 'Flash' button and select the file you've just downloaded.
    Flashing should start now..

    Advantage of using the official dream firmware is that bootloader #84 is installed as well. Without this version most (if not all) recent firmware will not load!!!

  • The box is original...
    I have done all these steps but the Flash button does not activate, the dreamup senses the box and does the boot but does not activate the button to flashing...
    The error that appears is "Boot error "

  • As a last resort you may try to recover the bootloader itself. You can find this on the same site. Should be named something like SSL #84 and make sure you download the correct version for the DM800 and NOT the DM800se! Follow the same procedure. If this doesn't work as well it it time to send the DM800HD to it's maker.... R.I.P. Time for a new one...