16APSK modulated stream with multistream tuner dm900

  • Dear all,

    I am having quite some trouble scanning optus D1 (160.0 E) which has multistream transponders for ABC and SBS. I generated a satellites .xml and edited it to use auto modulation (modulation 0). The two relevant transponders are 12470H and 12532 H. Once I changed from modulation 3 (16APSK) to 0, I get a lock in the enigma satfinder but a scan still does not deliver any channels?
    I am using an opendreambox imag OE2.5 that I compiled myself.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Relevant section of satellites.xml:

  • you are not even mentioning what S2tuners your box has....

    there are 3 different S2X with different capabilities

  • Problem 1: These high symbol rates are outside the specification of the DVB-S2X tuner. The limit is 45000.
    Problem 2: There is also a limit on the data rate. Depending on the FEC for APSK and 47000, this is then also outside the specification.
    Problem 3: We can not receive this transponder here either. So we can not test anything there.

    I think we will not be able to do anything.

  • Ooops...
    So there is no tuner for the dreambox available for this high datarate? I realise you cannot test, but I would be happy to.
    Thanks for the advise. At least I can stop trying stuff.

  • Well, even though we and the dreambox are standing on our heads, the boxes are still working. The dreamboxes just cannot cope with the lightning fast speeds we have here.... :)

  • I have DM920 with the broadcom fbc dvbs2x multistream tuner.
    I haven't change the satellite.xml file to try the auto negotiation . Will try tonight .
    I have a number of questions,
    I have not seen any proof so far in the internet for any bcm tuners locking multistream transponders except for the ones with silabs triple or dual tuners .
    Am I missing any drivers for the bcm tuner ?
    Reason being many dm images like satloge or pure2 or blackhole for dm do not support blindscan for broadcom tuners.
    And I didn't see any image except for blackhole that has options in the manual scan to input 16apsk and multistream stream id root/gold/pls etc.
    When I enter the details for the multi stream to there is no response.
    I can only conclude that only silab tuners can get the job done for multistream tuners ? Or none ?

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  • maxioman : I have also a DM920 with FBC tuner (BCM45308X), and can receive multistream transponders on 5.0 West without problems. Automatic search did not find the channels, but manual search worked fine.

    If you do not see options for multistream in the channel search, you need to check which tuner model the DM920 actually recognizes. There are different FBC tuner models available, and not all support multistream. If the tuner supports multistream, you do not need any additonal driver.

    I do not have experience with 16apsk modulation. To my knowledge, there is no such transponder on the satellites I can receive.