Dreambox 8000

  • Good afternoon. Can anyone please help me getting my DreamBox 8000 Boot up again, because since yesterday the Box is showing an ''ERROR''
    in the Display (OLED) Screen and it won't boot up at all. About 3 months ago it started to have a blank OLED Screen when ever I switch it ON the first time
    But on the second attempt it boots up perfectly, it kept doing this always but as I said NOW it is showing an 'ERROR' on the OLED.

  • Flash the box with DreamUP and a serual cable to re-load the Second stage loader.

    If it still doesn't start you may check if the security sim if it became loose, next check you bank acount if you can afford a new box or face the repair costs.

  • I don't have a serial port on my computer to be able to connect DreamUP. Only HDMI OR USB. Please Where is the security sim in the chassis
    to be able to check it

  • I found the Security sims, it was under the Hard Drive, but it was OK. also checked the Electrolytic Capacitors in the Power
    supply. Removed them one by one and checked their capacitance but they were OK as well.
    I used Dreamup but it won't connect with the Dreambox because as soon as I connect it and switch it 'ON' the OLED
    display 'ERROR' and Dreamup does not connect at all. So that's it.

  • As far as I remember you click on connect. This establishes already a connection. Then you switch on the dreambox.


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  • you can check the cable with putty, only if you see there serial console output when turning on it is OK.

  • Ok somehow I managed to connect with my Dreambox, somehow! and I uploaded Flash loader then Dreamup
    states ''upload complete, waiting for acknowledgement''....but the acknowledgement NEVER comes....

  • when you now turn off and turn on again and it still says error you can only repeat the exercise. Did you flash only serial or tick also the network in Dream up?

  • No only serial not the network because I don't know the IP address since the box is not responding at all.
    Thank you for your interest.

  • you can specify an IP adress which will be then transferred serial and set to the interface so that the rest of the image is transferred via network.

    Then sometimes firwalls are blocking the transfer, but if you flashed only serial this should not be an issue.

    Now you could only use PUTTY with your new serial adapter to produce a bootlog which maybe would tell us why ERROR is shown - but in 99% of the cases this is due to broken security chip or lost of contact of the chip in the cardreader, with the only exception when it is not an original chip in a clone box and an original loader is detecting this situation - but then you support here would be over as we only suppoert genuine Dreamboxes and not clones.