Advice on Dm7020Hdv2

  • Hi Everyone, as our local Tv transmission provider is changing from Dvb-C to Dvb-T2, I need to buy a new tuner (which cost around Eur$80 without shipping cost) because my previous one is only Dvb-C/T. I had bought this Dm7020Hdv2 in Luzern (Nov 2013) and still looks very new. My usage for Stb is simple, I do not use any CAM or Iptv, strictly only on daily timer recordings of minimum 2 channels and also plugins such as, Iptv player and Tsmedia.

    I wish someone could please give me some advice in this matter as follows,

    • Dm7020hdv2 last original image dated 19th Oct 2016, i think is with old drivers, I wonder will affect the operations of my daily timer recordings?
    • Will dm7020hdv2 seize to operate in future even If there is no hardware issue?
    • How would you find the hardware of dreambox, is it lasting?
    • Should I buy a new Stb or a new dual Dvb-C/T2 tuner for Dm7020Hdv2?
    • Any recommendation on Stb?
    • Any recommendation for an honest international seller (had been cheated twice)?

    Please feel free to say anything and I will definitely not blame anyone for anything as all your suggestions are only helping me.

    Thanks very much

    Best Regards

  • It is still a fine box and if your t2 broadcasts are not h265 and FTA it should work