DM920 with DiSEqC How to please ???

  • Hi
    I bought a dream 920 UHD. I have a motorized parabole.
    When i a scan nothing happens 0% channels.
    I have transfered my list from computer to DM920 with DreamboxEdit...i have only Astra 19°E...
    in my list there are 4 satellites I can not pick up other satellites...only Astra.
    Please is ther any Manual to do a good installation ?
    Before the 920 I had a 7020 HD, no problem.

  • I just replaced my 7020HD with a 920 and I have a motorised dish. It works fine. Make sure you setup the tuner in the same way as the 7020. Same LNB, Priority, LOF, Diseq version and the correct longitude and latitude. I took photos of the setup screen from the 7020 and then entered all the same settings on the 920 and it worked first time.