The proposal to change the default behaviour of the LED settings (dm900 & dm920)

  • I have a question about LED. Can I configure the LED from somewhere? It is lit in blue under normal circumstances, I'd like to do that it be dark / blind. The other part there is suitable. Do I need to have in order to install the plugin? LEDManager plugin suggested by dre. My opinion is, that it would be good to change the default settings so, that no need for any plugins. All OK, except that, if the box turned on, the blue led will light up. Instead, it could be turned off in both cases- when the box is turned on and when the box is turned off.
    If the box will start recording, then the blue light start flashing and this is very OK- I get it know that the box handles with recording. As well all the other cases are good.

    I will ask for the opinions of others, what do you think of this? This amendment makes sense apparently to dm900 and dm920 dreambox models. It just bothers me all the time burning blue LED, if I look at TV.
    P.S. It is also so for the dm7020hd, but there is another frontprocessor. It means in case of dm7020hd the thing is OK right now and has all the time been.

  • But why not change the default values, and those who wish to use it otherwise, then let use the plugin? This is only my suggestion, maybe I'm the only one who'd like this way better? If so, let it be.