dm 520 red light blinking

  • Dear all,

    DM 520 recently purchased, there is erroe red light blinking. one friend suggested me to install orginal image from i did it but result is same red light blink and on screen msg shown dream box discover more. after that i installed some other images. its open but i face an other problem , problem is in tuner configuration.. tuner is empty.

    so friends please help me what i do ?

    original image is not supported its just red light blinking. and other image shown tuner empty.

    waiting for reply i need help.

    Thank you

  • only a bootlog knows more.

    Log on with telnet and update the rescue loader with:

    rescue-update -v

  • Dreambox and bootlog as search term in your favorite search engine gives plenty of usefull replies ...

  • i had the same problem and i solved it yesterday by hitting dream box by hand from the top and front of the red light and worked!!!!!!
    try and tell me
    bad stb without real support