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    • faraon6 schrieb:

      No firmware for linux boxes is perfect. This is an open source code. However, some Enigma2 authors have finally joined a common "alliance". And that's the main thing.
      Hey imagine replacing the first sentence with "Linux is not perfect", and then also replacing "Enigma2" with "Linux" in the second sentence... 8o

      I have heard this story before. The main weakness of a Linux based system is its own strength. The flexibility of these systems comes with a price. It allows any idiot to create his own "distro" and act like a hacker wannabe. It's sad, but true. How many distros are there out there anyway?... 3000? 4000? Let's not stop creating new distros until we make it to 100,000 and then let's only use 2% of them. Brilliant idea! Or not... That time can be better used to further develop one of the major Linux distros instead of creating 100,000:th distro for the sole purpose of selfpromotion.

      The story of Enigma2 is not too different from Linux systems in general. One guy creates it, another guy copies it, a third guy pawns it and makes a profit out of it, a fifth guy clones it and makes a profit while giving nothing back to the original project. So on and so forth. Very simplified version! But that's how it usually goes.

      Sorry, but people are not mentally ready for the age of free and open source software.

      faraon6 schrieb:

      The problem with DM500-HD is that it is already very old.
      Old? Age has nothing to do with it. It's a Linux box. It can run for many decades to come. The problem is its limited hardware. But that limitation was there from the beginning. It did not come with age. It has only 8 MB of Flash memory and 128 MB RAM if I recall correctly. That's very little. So we can't run Windows on it. But we can run Linux on it.

      The main problem is that the so called Linux programmers have lost their touch. They no longer take it as an interesting challenge to make a piece of hardware with very limited resources run on Linux. The beefier the hardware, the easier their day is. They just want to click a button and be done with it. Where is the fun in that? :P

      faraon6 schrieb:

      For example, OpenATV develops firmware for Dreambox, but not for the old DM500-HD.
      Like I said, they have lost the touch. They no longer see it as a worthy challenge. What we need is Xfce equivalent for Engima2 boxes and it should be no problem to run it on DM500 HD.

      faraon6 schrieb:

      Also, there is no OpenATV image for DM500-HD, but OpenPLi image yes exists (at least partially).
      What does "partially" mean? :/

      It either exists... or it doesn't... unless you're a house cat and your master is Erwin Schrödinger. :D

      Lastly, does either OpenATV or OpenPLi offer any more HDMI CEC options for the DM500 HD than what is available with official Dreambox images?
    • DM920 HDMI CEC

      ssh schrieb:

      DannyBoyKN schrieb:

      Is there a way to modify / change the entries in Settings -> Devices -> HDMI CEC -> HDMI CEC Setup -> Devices as in the attached OSD screenshot ?

      You mean change their names to something like "Bedroom", "Living Room", etc.? Or for example changing "Unknown" to "Xbox One"?

      Devices supporting CEC usually provide somehow there identity when there’re plugged in the very first time. So did my PS3, and now stays in and is shown even if another device is now attached to that HDMI port.

      So I’m asking if that could be altered somehow manually or just deleted?

      Nothing to do with its roomly location …
    • DannyBoyKN schrieb:

      ssh schrieb:

      You mean change their names to something like "Bedroom", "Living Room", etc.? Or for example changing "Unknown" to "Xbox One"?
      Devices supporting CEC usually provide somehow there identity when there’re plugged in the very first time. So did my PS3, and now stays in and is shown even if another device is now attached to that HDMI port.

      So I’m asking if that could be altered somehow manually or just deleted?

      Nothing to do with its roomly location …
      Aha! OK!

      Well... have you tried rebooting your Dreambox?

      But yes, that info should be saved somewhere in your Dreambox. You might be able to modify it manually with a text editor.
    • @ssh:

      Why are you overwhelming the discussion on the forum with your mega-stupidity ?

      ssh schrieb:

      What do you mean by "foundations"? You mean Enigma2, right? That's only one of the components that make up such a machine. What about the Linux kernel? Or how about TuxBox? These two components are much more important I think, they are more foundational/fundamental than Enigma2. To put it differently: you can have a Linux STB that works without Enigma2, but you can't have an Enigma2 STB that works without the Linux kernel or the TuxBox component.
      I'm almost 40 years old. You will not teach me about development. There is no one curious about your hate and the ridiculous smile. I've grown up with all of this. So I have a complete history of system development (I was a system programmer). Dreambox laid the foundation. Deal with it. Like Apple or Google, they are based on unix / linux code. However, you will not claim that iPhone development was caused by the creators of unix / linux systems ? :D Similarly, Microsoft has sometimes indicated the direction of HTML standard development or even SQL. Today it has changed fortunately. Even DirectX for 3D graphics environment is little used ... more and more OpenGL is being used. Dreambox, like Microsoft, laid the foundation. You can also stand on your hind legs, you will not change the truth. Teach pupils at school or your own kids if you already have what it is a tuxbox, not me.

      ssh schrieb:

      Seriously, English doesn't help you much in this community. It's a very small tech/sat community. English is not my first language. And neither is German. The only reason I know English in fact is because I was once exposed to computers and had to seek help, either by talking to people or reading documentation which was all in English. But try asking for help with Dreambox, or OpenATV, or Enigma2, or OpenPLi on IRC or on an English forum for Linux. You will get zero responses, or you will end up educating them about everything you know about the Dreambox, before they can begin to answer your first question. It's just the way it is. Every community has its own rules and characteristics. One characteristic about the "Dreambox community" if we can call it so, is that German language dominates in these circles. Try to get used to it, don't resist it.
      You're writing stupid fools again. I have lived in Germany for about 3 years and in England for about 7 years. So you do not tell me about such stupidity about linguistic knowledge. As for the community ... logically, the community makes only a few tens of thousands of English-speaking people in OpenATV, whereas in OpenPLi, the community of English-speaking people makes hundreds of thousands.

      You are a man without a general perspective. You do not know anything about the world. You need to write stupidity, regardless of whether they are true. OpenPLi is most popular in America too, but OpenATV is not.

      This is commonplace in open and popular discussion forums - people like you. The bigger the community mean the higher percentage of the wretched people. This forum is not active, but I'm already experienced with a lot of users like you. Let's treat psychiatry please.
    • As is the programmed HDMI-CEC algorithm, it will also behave.

      The problem is that they are all incredibly lazy. I already have my own code for communicating / pairing through "LG Simplink-CEC". But publishing the code would mean a lot of insults and possibly a violation of the license rights (on the LG TV side). So I'm not going to do this.

      The same is true for other TVs with the appropriate CEC from a particular manufacturer. Create universal HDMI-CEC is stupid. The HDMI-CEC plug-in should be branded correctly for multiple TV brands. Unfortunately, it will take a long time to go. For each CEC protocol separately - specially modified CEC. TV producers ignore the standardization of HDMI 1.4 or higher. For example, Ethernet is not available on the HDMI 2.0 connectors, and the TV does not turn on / off via another HDMI device (because there are CEC rules from the device manufacturer, not the HDMI-CEC communication standard).

      The Linux box user must also be a programmer if he wants to use HDMI-CEC :).

      I was a system programmer in Assembler (not Linux, not Enigma2). So I know something about this CEC.