DVB-S2X Tuner und T2-MI Multistream

  • Somebody that has the triple multiestream tuner can inform if its useful or is money spent for nothing.

    I can buy a dm900 with tuner si2169c too much cheaper than with multiestream tuner,

    Thank for advice

  • If you want and need multistream reception for example 5°west (italia, france), so you have to buy a multistream tuner.

    We dont know, what you want or what you need

    The "older" SiLabs Triple Tuner (Si2169C) has mostly the same features including fast hardware blindscan and also the new standard DVB-S2X support.

    (EXCEPT multistream reception!)

    Kathrein CAS018 - V.BoxIII - ZAS 05/M - IBU Single [75°E - 40.5°W]

    Gibertini OP125L [9°E-13°E-16°E-19.2°E-23.5°E]

    DM900 [2169D], TBS-6908, Mio4K

    Triax TDS110 - GI50-120 - IBU Single [85.2°E - 45°W]

    Triax TDE110 - IBU Quattro [28.2°E]

    Kathrein CAS90 [9°E-13°E-16°E-19.2°E-23.5°E]

    DM920 [2166D|2169D], DM900 [2169C], DM525 Combo, Mini4K, TBS-6905

    DVB-T2: Wendelstein / Ehrwald1

  • Yes im interested on multiestream about all if this method of transmission in the future will be choice of more providers. I wouldnt like to be out date one time that i buy the dm900

  • Hallo, der Triple Multi Stream Tunnel (2x DVB-S2X / 1x DVB-C / T2 MultiStream) unterstützt Blind Scan durch Hardwarw und ist er schnell?