14days of EPG is transmitted on only one transponder - how-to grab it ?

  • Norwegian Canal Digital is providing only "now and next" EPG for each channel, in the channel's stream.
    Then there is an transponder that provides 14day of EPG for all CanalDigital channels (even those on other transponders)

    How can I make (DM900) capture and store the long EPG ?

  • If they had standard EPG on that transponder Dreambox would just load it and you'd have it available. But they use their proprietary standard as far as I know


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  • I'm not sure what MediaPortal has to do with this. That's only IPTV and special Website parsing but no regular EPG.

    Is there a channel on the transponder in question that you can tune manually? Will the EPG then load on the other channels? That's how some cable providers in Germany and Switzerland implement it.
    In UK there is a non-Standard EPG as well. For that CrossEPG had been developed. You can find the deb for DreamOS in the OoZooN board.

    As a last resort, if there is no way do decode the EPG broadcasted by the TV stations, you might try XMLTV. The plugin is available at OoZooN as well, but they don't offer any sources, because with XMLTV you're loading EPG not from the station but from the internet.

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  • mentioned mediaportal.org (aka MP) that MediaPortal does support DVB tuners directly, and use EPG from satellite just fine.
    ... it just works if I force it to spend all/more grabbing time on that one channel, AFAIK no extra functionality were programmed to make it work with Norwegian CanalDigital. (nor does norway+denmark+sweden have that many MP users. )

    It made me believe it could be equally simple with Dreambox.
    I'll check out the plugins you mentioned for any mention scandinavian CanalDigital

  • OpenEPG Plugin for DreamOS supports reading EPG for Providers like Sky UK, or Some Spanish and Italian PayTV Providers, by using the CrossEPG Binaries doing this strange 'Transponder EPG extract' either be reverse engineering the protocol and some use MHW for sending the data.

    Therefore your would need to check CrossEPG if it support your providers.

    But EPGImporter Plugin for DreamOS should do nicely including handling the Nordica languages you only have to find the xmltv source files ... yourself ....

  • @gutemine
    I used xmltv >6 years ago when compining DVB-T and DVB-S2 , .. and it can only be summarized as "hell". needed to fix things every time some provider changed some spacing or name of a channel or a webpage..

    I googled and found that CrossEPG works for CanalDigital in Sweden (which is basically the same thing as here, same streams)
    So OpenEPG should be fine , all I found so far is Open EPG Plugin for DreamOS and OE 2.0
    except DM900 does not run on MIPS ...? , by any chance, do you know proper source for that plugin ?

  • Ist here any chance that you reed the thread and search its original kit and support Thread at OoZooN's board ?

    To prevent further confusion I removed these old test kits here.

    PS: And the CrossEPG code is worse then the EPGImporter, which is already pretty creative at some places.

  • PS: And the CrossEPG code is worse then the EPGImporter, which is already pretty creative at some places.

    Is that a coding related opinion, (on the coding) - or on user experience ? , does "pretty creative" somehow relate to automatically solving minor changes like channel renaming, or is that a pun on coding style ?

  • I already had lot's of fun to make the EPGImporter Plugin work with DreamOS due to some pretty creative coding, but CrossEPG is a kind of Frankenstein patched together from various sources. Don't get me wrong, I'm not thinking bad about the programmer, but it is my choice not to touch this code.

    Therefore I kept the code channges to EPGImporter at the minimum and deviced to create a minimalistic wrapper to the crossepg binaries, which ist the OpenEPG Plugin mentioned.

    As explained I will not waste any time to adapt crossEPG to DreamOS, if somebody is willing to do that .. may god bless him.

    EPGImporter can do the xmltv part nicely and the loading EPF data from transponders is now available in OpenEPG, so there is not any real gap for the DreamOS functionality, expcept that I'm NOT really very motivaded to spend time on these plugins anymore either.

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