apt-get in Cosole.py dont work for me

  • Hi,

    Trying to uninstall a package through a plugin wich use Console. Have tried everything I think. Have tried this:

    command="apt-get update; apt-get remove package"
    command="apt-get update; apt-get remove package_1.0_all"
    command="apt-get update; apt-get remove package_1.0_all.deb"

    Using the first command in telnet does the work. also "opkg remove package" work fine. Have tried the last one from Console also, but getting "E: Unable to locate package package"

    The package was installed through another plugin with Console with no problem. I have double checked that the package is installed.

    Am I missing something that I should have known? :)

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  • the error message means, that the package named "package" was not found, so you have to replace "package" with the correct name of the package which should be deinstalled

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