Restoring original DM520 Firmware

  • Simple...
    1. Make sure box is turned OFF completely. I.e. Rocker switch in OFF position.
    2. Turn on box with rocker switch and as soon as the front LED turns red put your finger on red button. Wait until it has blinked then release. You are now in rescue mode.
    3. Download required firmware from
    4. Use browser on PC to address webIf on DM520 (IP is shown on TV screen)
    5. Use button 'install firmware' and point to download location on your PC..
    6. Wait until flashing is complete and reboot box...

  • I did what you said , but nothing happens when i hold the red button . openatv loading screen shows and it starts up normally.
    Edit : i held down the shutdown button on the remote , and openatv menu had a recovery option which did the trick . thank you for your help

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  • The 'cold start' recovery mode is a bit tricky and needs a little 'feeling'. I don't use OpenATV so I didn't know it had a recovery mode build in (DreamOS has this too). The trick is to use both hands.
    One for switching on and the other to 'press' the foil switch on the front. Just keep the hand near the foil switch but DON'T touch it yet. Switch on and as soon as the LED turns red (BEFORE it blinks blue/red) press (and keep pressed) the foil switch. It starts to blink. Release when it stops blinking and stays red.. You have about .0005 seconds to react it's that fast.. :D

  • Maybe the following sequence will work on openatv:

    login to your dm520 using telnet, login: root
    cat /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode

    You should get a "normal" as output. If this fails, your openatv does not support this interface, Then forget this post...

    The next command forces the next boot to rescue:

    echo "rescue" > /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode

    Now reboot the box:
    init 6

    The box will reboot into rescue mode, Continue with step 3

  • It probably would, but should not be necessary as rescue mode is a basic function that is always available. At power-up the foil-button method always works it just requires a little 'feeling' as the box is quite fast..
    In defence.. Dream could have opted for a larger delay loop...

  • this would cost boottime, technically it is sufficient if you know what and how to do.

  • Maybe, but time is not always the key issue. It's not a race (my box boots 0.00001 sec faster). User convenience should also be considered. And then, how often do you have to actually reboot your box. Mine only after a software update so every 3 months or so. Those 30 extra seconds won't hurt.

  • others do it daily and they would complain

  • As you can see 'all roads eventually lead to Rome'