Dreambox DM900 IP address in rescue mode

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with my new DM900. when I put the box in rescue mode it does not show the IP address under the rescue mode therefore I can not do any flashing. could someone help me? for your information I switched on and off the DHCP but useless, and nothing has been changed. is there anything in the DM900 setting which should be changed?

  • update the rescue loader first

  • Could you please inform me how? this is the first time im working with dream box. when I put the box on rescue mode then I can not connect the box to htttp://DM900!

  • first your routershould know the ip adress he sent when dhcp is on.

  • ok, I know that I can get the DM900 IP from the router, but what then? could you please write me the process? how can I update the rescue loader?
    I think I should download (zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm900-20170530.bin) to the box but I don't know how to do it!
    I can not communicate with my DM900, even when I have the DM900 IP.

  • if the ip is known you can open via browser, telnet and ftp. You ftp the rescue kernel to /tmp and then use flash-rescue script in telnet

    but it would be less risky to flash a recent OE2.5image with browser and use update-rescue command in this image.

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  • I had never seen the IP address on the DM900 LCD when i get in to the Rescue Mode.
    And also the displayed URL http://dm900/ don't work.
    But the router (also a Asus) give him always a IP form DHCP, just the DM900 don't display it.
    You can get to the router WebIF to see the given IP, or better you only set one time a Manual IP Assign in your DHCP Server to your Dreambox and you have always the same IP Address.

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  • Hello,
    thank you all for your support
    the problem was in my connection to the router. when DM900 connected to router by WIFI then it will not show your IP address. i connected my DM900 via cable to the router and it showed me the IP address. maybe someone will face a same issue so here i put the command to write it in the PUTTY telnet. the commands are as follows:
    1.wget http://www.dreamboxupdate.com/….14-r0-dm900-20170113.bin
    2.flash-rescue zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm900-20170113.bin
    3. apt-get update && update-rescue -v

    1 - first type first command (wget http://www.dreamboxupdate.com/….14-r0-dm900-20170113.bin)

    the message you should get:
    opendreambox 2.5.0


    the login name will be root and you should not write anything as password

    dm900 login: root
    you should type cd /tmp
    dm900:~# cd /tmp
    2 - second type: flash-rescue zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm900-20170113.bin
    dm900:/tmp# flash-rescue zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm900-20161208.bin
    Manufacturer ID: c2
    Memory type : 20
    Memory density : 19
    read id ok
    comparing 2781 sectors...
    erasing 2779 sectors...
    writing 44464 pages...
    verifying 2779 sectors...
    flash done
    and last the 3-rd command:
    3. apt-get update && update-rescue -v

  • This is absolutely normal: You cannot flash the box via Wifi, it will only get an IP address when connected via cable... I just searched the manual: Unfortunately this is not stated there explicitly.

  • hello,
    I have latest gemini image in dm900 and i want to update rescue loader. Can i use just command update-rescue-v ?

  • Good afternoon,

    I would like to ask a question regarding the update of the "zImage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm920". I performed the update with the "update-rescue -v" command, having a DMM image of July 2019 in the flash. I would like to know if you updated me to the last available rescue, or took into account the age of the flash image? Is there a command to check which version of "zimage-rescue-3.14-r0-dm920" is installed? Thanks so much.