Dreambox RC-10 problem

  • My dm900 is only 10 days old and I have the same RC problem as in post No 1.
    Problem started 3 or 4 days ago and re-installing batteries got it going again but now it is not working at all even though the lights are operating correctly.
    I am in Australia so to RMA the RC is probably not practical.

    Since this identical fault has happened to other people can anyone give a clue as to what might be the problem so I can have a go at fixing it myself. I have not tried to fix it yet and understand once I attempt a fix the warranty will be void.

  • Update....
    Very strange - swapped the supplied batteries (1.4 volt each) with some old batteries from an unused remote (1.33 volt each) and now the remote works perfectly and problem goes away.
    Put the supplied batteries back in and problem re-appears.

    Maybe this will help someone else that has this problem.