crash dm900

  • hi, all

    after one crash, I do a flash-rescue in telnet and after reboot I do not have acces to the box I do not have dchp and ip, can't flash again please any help are welcome

  • Have you tried booting into rescue mode? Powering on with the power switch on the back and holding the touch key at the front? (timing is crucial, you may need to try this a few times). This should enable you to install a new image from USB...

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  • hi, many thank's to answer me, yes I tried booting into rescue mode, no succesfull
    I have not tried with image in usb, if I do it the image have to be in rar or I have to unrar ?
    and please the usb front or back ?
    but now when I power on I have only exclamation point in lcd, no rescue mode and no IP
    I did no that I can do it


  • Sound like you're not succeeding in getting the box into recovery mode... Here it is explained: Point is to power on using the power switch at the back and once the red light goes on at the front, push the touchbutton at the front and keep pushing it until it start flashing red/blue/red/blue, Than it is in rescue mode and will show that in the display. Then you can access it with a browser again or load an image from USB (front works for me). Hope this helps... Again, timing is crucial, only touch the front touchbutton AFTER you power on, but don't wait too long or it will no longer boot into rescue (it's only a fraction of a second...) Good luck!

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  • hi, no luck, when I using the power switch on and push button and keep pushing intil the box realy start flash red/blue/red/blue, but nothing hapend just the exclamation point nothing moore even after waiting some time, no dhcp and no ip

    I dont know what to do !

  • Just to be sure: did you did the boot like in this Youtube movie:

    ? If that doesn't get you to rescue mode it may be end-of-story (and send it back for repair)... Just make sure, like m0rphU suggests, it is cabled correctly and there is a DHCP server in the network...

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  • Sorry, but I have no more suggestions, booting into recovery is the most basic function, that should enable you to install a brand new image, if the bootstrap is missing or corrupted then all I can suggest is to return your DM900 for repair :-(

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  • I don't believe there is another way to do some sort of factory reset, so if Blefarine can't get beyond this "!" then there is no way to read any log, it is simply dead... Unless someone knows a way to this hard reset, I've never read about that anyway...

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  • Hi m0rphU,

    I didn't know about the ability to make a bootlog, but still, how would you get this box going again just by looking at a log? Is there any way to manipulate the DM900 using this micro USB interface at the back? The DM site mentions it can be used for flash rescue, but is there any information how to actually do this? (or is this only available to DM personnel?)

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  • Depending on the state of the box, there might be a posibility to reinstall the rescue loader via the serial console. The DMM devs gave some documentation for that in the board (use the board search for "Pumpkin").

  • Maybe your box is simply not getting an ip from your router...

    If you can establish a connection with putty/telnet using the MiniUSB, you may set an manual ip.

    Afler login try

    1. ifconfig eth0 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    replace with a valid ip in your network.

  • DM900 can't show ip - dreambox and ! - is but isn't ip...putty - ifconfig eth0 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - without result... I can't flash new image or backup...Was OpenATV 5.3 backup after i did my OpenATV 6.0 but crash was after when i turn on Kodirect... now dkpg and opkg no renew...can't flash new image...what i must to do?

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  • if the bootstrap is missing or corrupted then all I can suggest is to return your DM900 for repair - which adress i must send to repaire my DM900 - it has 2 years garanthy?
    Where is Dreamup for DM900?

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