DM525 S2 crashes at 23,5E 12344H

  • I have two new DM525 S2 boxes. Original firmware (opendreambox 2.5.0 dm520). Fresh install, standard wizzard config. Only 1 transponder scanned, 23,5E DVB-S2 12344H 2/3 29900 8PSK. Channels found correctly. Zap to unscrambled CT24HD, software reboot (menu -> shutdown -> reboot). Each of the boxes: after some time of running (mostly only after about 20 minutes, but not always) box crashes - sometimes picture freezes, than black screen; sometimes green screen without any additional info. No crashlog, no spontaneous reboot. No ping, no remote control response, only power switch reboot available.

    Might this be a bug in software or rather hardware related issue? Is there a way how to check it out? I have started E2 logging but there was no sign of anything unusal just before box crashed and logging had stopped. Could someone please crosscheck / reproduce this behaviour? Channels from other transponders seems to work as expected.

  • Uh, but you might have just pointed me to the right direction, thanks! I did automatic service scan and tuner seems to lock on 12343,036 MHz (as seen at menu > info > serviceinfo). I'm testing now but have to wait a bit :) ...

    ... unfortunately not, greenscreen again :(

    DM500HD, DM800HD, DM525 S2

  • 23.5 is a little bit painfull since they droped lots of SD Channels on the SK and CZ packages, normally I do a blindscan to get alle the channels there correctly.

  • Ghost: Thank you for your feedback. This time my box was running 1h33m before it hangs. I had "top" command in separate window to see if some process doesn't waste resources but apparently nothing like that was happening.

    The second box is in another place with different equipment (lnb, dish, diseq control) so I can rule out receiving conditions as a cause.

    DM500HD, DM800HD, DM525 S2

  • Well, last evening I did recovery image flash (core identify itself as 2.2.0) and left some of the settings during setup wizzard default (English instead of Czech, 1080i instead of 1080p). The box was running overnight without a glitch. Now I'm gonna try to distinguish which change is responsible for the crashes.

    DM500HD, DM800HD, DM525 S2

  • So my conclusion after further testing is, that video output resolution of 1080p (OE2.2 or OE2.5) while tuned to 12344H always lead to system crash after some different time of running. Particular reason is unknown to me. Video output 1080i seems to work fine so far.

    I hope that this behaviour will be fixed in some future software release.

    DM500HD, DM800HD, DM525 S2

  • It is NOT forbidden to upload crashlogs here ... or run enigma2 interactively in telnet to get the very last output ...

    dmesg or the serial output via service USB might also know more in case it is a kernel/driver hickup.

    Otherwise you have to be patient until Ghost can reproduce it ...

  • @gutemine: As I've mentioned in my first post there are no crashlogs. Thy system just seems to fall down. Sometimes to greenscreen - and there I found only ping to its IP is still possible - sometimes the screen goes black and nothing more is possible. I did internal logging and also "live" telnet logging, the output was exactly the same and I've also attached it to my first post. I did monitoring via USB and hyperterminal but I am not able to copy and paste the output, nevertheless it also didn't show anything unusual to me.

    Anyway finally I was able to make the box usable with only slight limitation, that's the most important now.

    DM500HD, DM800HD, DM525 S2

  • You can use putty for serial logging and thi allows to write everything in a file.

    Your first log is just an enigma2 log.

  • I'm still trying to get it work, unfortunately with no success. Time before crash and end status differ. This time picture freezes, box no control available. But some info in putty debug window - attached.

  • The DM525 hardware is not at fault. It's the software that can't cope with some subServices in the DVB stream.

    HDMI-CEC has some compatibility issues with a number of TV's. Sony and LG seem to be most affected. This can't be fixed by Dream. The TV manufacturer has to obide by the defined standards. If not, these errors occur.

    Fix: Disable HDMI-CEC completely or play around with EDID on/off

    HbbTV is becoming a disaster. Each content provider defines his/her own standard. Dream simply adheres to the standard used in Germany.

    HbbTV and ARD Mediathek work, the Dutch versions (where I live) don't..

    Fix: Remove HbbTV plugin from the DM525...

    The box performs very well (running DreamOS 2.5 and MrBig)