Problem mit DreamboxEdit

  • Leider ist Deutsch schreiben fur mich schwer, lesen ist kein Problem. Ich mache weiter im Englisch. Antword im Deutsch ist o.k.

    When I connect from DE (DreamboxEdit) to my receiver. all goes well, IPadress is ok, password is ok. It makes connection. When I try to download from my receiver to my pc it gives an error and stops working. It cannot read my settingsfile (it does read other files without any problems) . I had the same problem with my previous reciever, but never solved the problem. It initially used to work on the old receiver and I liked the program very much. Maybe the problem is "Setting-Type 4". Where and how can I change that back to 3?

    Other suggestions to what the problem might be?


  • Which Box? Which Image?

    And which error? Your screenshot looks fine to me.

    Is D:\Bestand\Dreambox_edit\dreamboxEDIT a writable folder for a regular user? If you're not sure try do select a different folder for the local settings path

    so long

  • Image = Enigma2/Openpli4
    I will check the directory. Good suggestion!
    I used to work, must be either very simple or very unsually ( and therfor complicated)
    I think it stopped working after my dealer installed Openpli4 replacing Openpli3
    Dreamboxedit can make a connection with my box (Benutzername und Kennwort beider o.k.) It reads the first few files and has a problem with the settingsfile. It stops when trying to read or download the settingsfile. The box works fine.

    All very strange to me and I hope someone has the solution.

  • I just tried again and now it works. I changed the local directory into another one, higher in hierarchy. From what I know all my directories have read and write permission/possibility. Nevertheless this change made it work.
    Thanks for the suggestion.