DM 525 Recording from remote control does not work

  • Hello,
    I got brand new Dreambox DM 525 HD several days ago.
    I cannot record any program from remote control. If I press the REC button I get 'not available button' sign. There is no problem from web interface.
    I'm using Kingstone pendrive and it is available as /dev/sda1 and formatted by Dreambox.
    I had image from 8.09.2016 built-in and now I upgraded to latest (15.10) and no progress. Is it software issue or should it work?
    Thanks for help!

  • This is a problem which is easy to solve (just an enigma2 setting away) but as DMM has to deliver the box this way to prevent it from beeing taxed as a PVR it is not very likely that you will get the simple solution here.

    Only a small hint if you are too lazy to search elswere - my user Scritps Plugin that you can find in OoZooN's board offers one of the possible solutions in his settings menu.