Dm800 Hd Pvr

  • Hi all, I'm just a New guy in the forum seeking help. I tried to update my Dreambox 800 and it crashed leaving a continuous booting all nite long with a Green screen written:
    "We are sorry. Your STB encountered a Software problem, and needs to be restarted. Please send the logfile created in /hdd/ to forum at Your TSB restarts in 10 seconds! Content: enigma2

    [OpenWebif] no plugins to load
    [OpenWebif] started on 80
    poll: unhandled POLLERR/HUP/NVAL for fd 31 (16)
    allocating new converter!
    Will appreciate any advice to resolve the problem.

  • Ask in the forum where you have the software from. It's obviously openpli. Or report here again in case the problem persists with the dmm image


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