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  • hello.
    i would like to know if there is anywhere a flashing tool (like Dream UP) for Mac users.

    tryed to use windows softs by using parallels but i can't connect to my dreambox and repair the "no ca found" error message i have after making a software update.

    thx in advance.

  • No. If you need to use DreamUp, you need a Windows PC. But this usually not the case, as yoy can normally flash via the webinterface of the second stage loader.

    The error message "no ca found" is also not a software problem. It says that the bootloader could not verify the genuity of your box. Sometimes this is caused by a faulty security chip (so it is a hardware defect) but far more often the software is right and the device is in a fact a clone (an illegal rip-off).
    The fact that the error message didn't happen suddenly, but after an update, makes the latter more plausible.

    Which box are we talking about?

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  • Exact.
    I wanted to do a channel list update and i've made a software update by mistake.
    My dreambox crashes at this moment and did a loop reboot.

  • Then you should verify that your box is not a clone. E.g. by starting to tell us some details and maybe some pictures of the insides.

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  • Thats 100% a clone! And sadly this ain't as funny as a clown :(

    I don't know about Switzerland but in Germany selling such a box as original is fraud. So you might ask a lawyer about getting your money back.

    P.S.: Just compare the specs. A real 800se doesn't have Wifi

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  • It will be hard to get my money back since the shop where i bought the dreambox doesn't exist anymore. :evil:

    Anyway, how can i make it work again?
    Can someone help me until the box appear as a clown?

  • Nobody her will help you with a clone. This is the official Dream Multimedia Support Board and DMM did not get one cent for the box you bought, so you will not get one cent of support...

    Thats the thing: Who buys cheap, gets cheap...

  • i know it is the official dream support board. i wouldn't ask for some help if it wasn't.

    anyway, i will understand if no-one want to help me.

    i'm just sad to think that people who are buying a dreambox (without knowing of a clown) will have no reason to check if it is a real or a fake when they will buy a new one.

    thx for your answers. 8o i will try to find another way to make my clown work again. :whistling:

  • I'm not sure if you understood what this is about. Clones (please stop calling them clowns! this is not funny) are illegal for a reason!

    Buying such a fake device does harm to the genuine manufacturer. They lose money because of that! In the case of the dreambox it's even worse because you profit from the free support and software updates by DMM, which costs money!

    Regarding the "not knowing": In German there is a saying "Unwissenheit schützt vor Strafe nicht" which means something like "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". The same holds for your case. Your device is and was illegal, no matter if you knew it or not. It shouldn't have worked in the first place.
    And as you now know about that fact, it is even more intolerable if you try to keep the device running.

    Despite the legal and moral side: As I said before, a simple check of the specs should have shown you that you didn't buy a genuine box. Only the 8000 has internal WiFi, but not the 800se. As I see on your fotos you already found the specs site ;)

    so long

  • for your information, the specific site on the picture it this one.


    I've made a search on this site when you talked about Fake machine.

    anyway, trust me or not if you want, for me, a dreambox has always been a dreambox. And till yesterday, i didn't knew that there were existing fake hardware and for me, the clown meaning was talking about something similar to a jailbreak for phones allowing to get paid channels for free..

    sorry for my ignorance.

    and thank you for your help.

    i won't disturb you anymore.

  • Yesterday, there was an offer from digitec to buy an dm820 for 333 instead of 469 as part of the 15th anniversary. maybe they still have some left. It's the cable version.


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