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  • Will be much better to have a config in the menu for the subtitles, where you can select:

    - position of subtitles (row & column)
    - foreground color (some people have color problems and can only see certain colors)
    - background color
    - transparency
    - font size
    - word/line wrap

    Be aware that, in contrast to German channels, a lot users from (mostly) other countries than Germany do use subtitles a lot

  • dhwz : which setup?
    Depending of skin...? I thought when I have entries in skin_user.xml it should override skin issues.
    I have in skin_user some subtitle entries (TTX, Regular, Bold, Italic) but it seems not to work properly. Besides that, I do not know how to configure the starting row (line) and how to configure line wrapping which is terrible now.

    I have now in skin_user:

    1. <subtitles>
    2. <sub name="Subtitle_TTX" font="Regular;40" foregroundColor="yellow" shadowColor="#40101010" shadowOffset="3,3" />
    3. <sub name="Subtitle_Regular" font="Regular;40" foregroundColor="yellow" shadowColor="#08101010" shadowOffset="2,2" />
    4. <sub name="Subtitle_Bold" font="Replacement;40" foregroundColor="yellow" shadowColor="#08101010" shadowOffset="2,2" />
    5. <sub name="Subtitle_Italic" font="Regular;40" foregroundColor="yellow" shadowColor="#08101010" shadowOffset="2,2" />
    6. </subtitles>
  • I think you need to define this as well:

    1. <!-- Subtitle area -->
    2. <screen name="SubtitleDisplay" position="0,0" size="1280,720" zPosition="-1" backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" />


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  • In openATV-image are more settings possible for TTX (i have a DM7080)
    Settings like:
    TTX-subtitle colour, subtitle postion, rewrap subtitles, subtitle border width, subtitle font size and more

    These options are very useful for making the TTX-subtitles look good, make the "subtitle font size" bigger, to make TTX-subtitles "in sync" when timing is bad ....

    Is it possible to build these options into the latest software?


  • XML
    1. <screen name="SubtitleDisplay" position="0,0" size="1280,720" zPosition="-1" backgroundColor="transparent" flags="wfNoBorder" />

    @bambike, you will find this line in your skin.xml file. To position subtitle lower, just increase the Y number. eg. position="0,20"

    You have to think that subtitles are a transparent picture that fills your entire screen. By lowering this picture your subtitle will be lower. Unfortunatly TTX and DVB subtitles share position on screen. If you adjust for one of them, the other one will also be adjusted.

    @Ghost, is it a simple way to make two screens for subtitles? One for TTX and one for DVB. Then we could adjust position of DVB and TTX separately. Or would it be better to adjust the existing annoying Y difference in position within the code?

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