DVB-T for HD reception, images with no sound

  • Hello all,

    First my configuration (from the Web interface "Device Info")
    Device & Versions
    Devicename: dm8000
    Enigma Version: 2012-11-03-3.2
    Image Version: Release 3.2.4 2012-11-04
    Frontprozessor Version: V7
    Webinterface Version: 1.7.1
    Tuner A: BCM4506 (internal) (DVB-S2)
    Tuner B: BCM4506 (internal) (DVB-S2)
    Tuner C: CXD1981 (DVB-T)
    Tuner D: CXD1981 (DVB-T)

    My situation:
    I'am living north of France, 20Km from the belgium frontier, receiving the Terrestrial TV, of France and Belgium, through the DVB-T tuners.
    Since the 05 of April, all the French channels are now in HD. I re-scan this day the channels, and here the result:
    1) I'am receiving the 26 french HD channels, with a perfect image but no sound ! Of any of it...
    2) I'am receiving 6 belgium channels (3 in french, 3 in flemmish), non-HD, perfectly well (sound and images).
    3) I'am receiving 3 local channels, non-HD, also perfectly well (sound and images).

    If I record a french HD channel, and transfer the TS file on my PC, I have the same problem, very good image, but absolutely no sound...

    I tried to browse the Web, but I didn't found any explanations of my problem.

    But I found the 2 following post, explaining that a DVB-T is not completely compatible with the "Second Generation Terrestrial" DVB-T2.
    Hybrid DVB-C / T Tuner CXD 1981 Plug & Play LG chip fitted
    DVB-T2 tuner in the future?

    It's seems that the problem is coming from the DVB-T tuners which are not completely compatible with the HD definition.

    List of 'official' tuners modules:
    No DVB-T2 available...

    And in the forum, some post are very old (2012) about this request...

    My questions:
    Is somebody had the same problem in the past?
    Do I have to change to an alternate DVB-T tuners modules?
    Is it somewhere a software configuration to perform, to enable the sound? or an alternate image to install?
    Or last solution, abandon my dreambox for an alternate box? It will be a pity, I have for 5 years now and I was satisfied, until now...

    Many thanks, for any replies.

  • Ok, I searched in english forums, not germans ones, as my german reading is awful.

    So, I understand now the technical problem, which seems present since 2009...
    7 years after still there, and no beginning of solution. Wow, I'am very disapointed.

    As the answer is not clear in the post, the next question is: did you ever try to fix it? Or did you decide to never fix it?

  • I'm pretty sure there were software updates available after 2012 for your dreambox. So, I recommend to first update to the latest version and try it again.


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  • Hello DRE,

    I upgraded my box with the latest official firmware available:
    Image Version: Release 3.2.4 2012-11-04

    latest for dm8000 : (Release 3.2.4 from 04.11.2012)

    And it doesn't work.

    So my initial question: is it existing an alternate firmware (ie non-official), which is solving this problem?

  • "You known what ? I'am happy !"

    Tonight, I upgraded with the indicated firmware, and everything is working perfectly !
    My dreambox had a new revival.

    Device & Versions

    Device Name:

    Enigma2 Version:

    Image Version:
    Experimental 2016-01-05

    I never heard before of the website "www.dreamboxupdate.com", but I will look at it regurlarly from now.

    I always put official firmware on my devices, but for this one, it will be my exception.

    Why this kind of information is not available on the page: http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/en/downloads ?
    With a warning like this:
    "www.dreamboxupdate.com : Latest non-official and experimental firmware. Used them at your own risk, but they can solve many of your problems..."

    Houra ! Fantastic !
    Thanks all for your help.