DM8000 : original image, won't boot up (only blue powerbutton in front)

  • Hello.
    My DM8000 always worked good. It has original uptodate DM8000 oe2.0 image from from already half a year ago.
    It was always in standby (webinterface accessible). The last few months the DM8000 was in the garret of my house. The last 4 days with a night temperature of say 8 * celcius.

    Why is the DM8000 not working anymore? I didn't touch it. (only access it with webinterface a few days ago)
    Is it too cold, or is the hardware dead after 5 years of usage? (it's first generation of DM8000 build at prodrive NL)

    If i disconnect power, and turn power back on, then the only thing that works is the blue led of front powerbutton. (that goes on and stay on), internal leds on tunercards stay off.

    If device hardware is broken, is their a way of selling it as broken, for parts? You think people want that?

  • Weird...
    I unplugged power, replug...Turn on DM8000.
    Only blue powerled, but just didn't touch it again and just let it on.
    Now hour later webinterface is working, and device is working normally.

    Great. My house is on 1st floor and DM8000 in garret at 4th floor. (network connected by powerline).

    No idea why DM8000 wasn't working, but it's working again. (i've a 6 ampere automatic fuse at 230V~ 50Hz. it was turned off, maybe that was the reason why DM8000 didn't boot as normal after resetting the external power fuse)