dreambox 800hd year 2008 been wonderfull machine.

  • hi
    i have been using this and its been okay.
    i recently had some trouble.i have learn t how to use a null cable and dreamup
    also downloaded an image for openpli dm20140510 the following is the result from the flashing ,i cant get the old box to
    come home to daddy , i dont want to lose her ,can some kind folk help ,please i have copied the results from the finnished dreamup results below , many thanks, daddy.

    17:51:24 box type: DM800
    17:51:24 Enabled recovery of bad sectors
    18:05:24 Calculating checksum...
    waiting for OK from box to beginn upload...
    18:05:26 Uploading file to box...19:03:32 box is flashing from its memory...
    19:03:34 Log: +++ 015 bad sector recovery enabled
    19:04:53 Flashing failed (!!! 007 write failed at 03df8000: e1), box will be unusable now!!

  • thank you for reply
    i have downloaded the dreambox image d800-20150316 nfi
    and it is stuck on this responce below

    08:38:57 box type: DM800
    08:40:16 Calculating checksum...
    waiting for OK from box to beginn upload...
    08:40:18 Uploading file to box...10:04:49 box is flashing from its memory...

    can anyone help please with what to do next, many thanks.

  • hi when get the browser up it says if you see this it means you have no firmawre in your flash. then i click on upload firmware put the firware in from browse and click on flash ,but nothing happens ,

  • thank you all for information , i have managed to get the image back on to my wonderfull dreambox 800hd , now the fun starts ,
    perhaps iccan keep it going for a few more years yet .
    thank you all .Danke

  • You should find an image at dreamboxupdate.com

    Thank you so much, really struggled to find a genuine Dreambox image for my OE DM800HD which I have had for 8 years as I also have the No CA Error, so its out with my vintage lap top with Win XP, serial port & null cable #OldSkool :thumbup: