beginner in enigma2 plugin development

  • hello i,m new in this forum, i wanna say thanks to all member of this forum it's great's for all enigma2 developer.

    i'm a beginner in enigma2 development.

    i have some question if any one can help me please.

    first, thanks to all member and moderate of this forum.

    second, i'm so sorry for my bad english :p


    1)- i want to know how can i create file in etc/enigma2 for liste of iptv chanel but i don't want any one to see the urel of chanel.
    like this : #SERVICE 4097:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:[variable contains url]:description

    2)- i want to know how can i delete the file when the receiver shutdown or after x temps. because i want to create a free plugin of iptv chanel but i don't want anyone to see the url of chanel.

    thanks to you all.

  • This is not the idea of OpenSource - but python offers quite some kind of encryption via various libs

    BUT if you plugin is open source I need to add a simple print statement to the serviceref you are playing and your effort was useless, besides that enigma2 will output it anyway as soon as the streaming starts.

    So your whole idea is a waste of time.

  • thanks mr gutemin for your response.

    but i don't want anyone to use the url of chanel in other plugin because i will create my owne iptv chanel this why i want to encrypt the url of chanel.

    thanks anyway for ur time i appreciate that.

  • As I already wrote, there is NO secrecy of service reference in enigma2.

    Even if you could be successfull It takes 2min to sniff the url of the webrequest on the network, so I'm sorry, your whole idea is nonsense.

    On the other hand this is a standard problem of any webprovider to limit access - if you don:t even know the standard (and working) answers it doesn't make sense to help you to implement them on a dreambox.

    PS: Sorry if the answer sounds cruel


  • thanks again mr gutemine.

    so ther'is no way to encrypt the url in enigma2.

    i have another idea is to change the url of chanel every week and reloaded in reciever from a database.

    can you help me with this.

    thanks a lot for your response.

  • No, not me, as this is another boring idea from the 90s ...

  • As the service is played - enigma2 will log (which anybody can see) :-

    playing ........service reference ...


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    relying on an "encrypted" url is never a good idea. Any type of network-sniffer can easily reveal the actual url/ip.
    You should implement proper session handling on the server and client side using proper authentication mechanisms to aquire a session for stream.

    Obfuscation is not the way to go.

    mfg ,