enigma2 menulist update

  • Hello all,

    I want to update menulist. Initial the menulist is empty.
    e.x: self["myList"] = MenuList([])

    Then in another function i append some data in self["myList"].

    list1.append((_(str(cat_name)), "vod--"+str(vod_id)))

    self["myList] = list1

    but i cant see updated list data on display. How can i solve this? ?(

  • Hello,

    I have two Input (textboxes for username and password) in one screen.

    How to select textbox to enter text. I cant select even first textbox. Which remote key can i use or which code can i write to select textboxex.

  • Use a configlist.

    I think you should also check existing plugins / screens as there are a lot of examples for this.


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  • Thanks for reply.

    in skin i am writing this code for textbox:
    <widget name="username" position="5,90" size="550,25" font="Regular;20" backgroundColor="background" foregroundColor="#cccccc" />

    and in init() function i am writing:
    self["username"] = Input(maxSize=False, type=Input.TEXT)

    >Textbox is displayed correctly. "But i am not enable to insert text in it" ?( . Means textbox is not enable. So how can i insert text in it. I pressed abcd keys of remote.