DM800 SE V2 -English Language

  • I am new to this forum, and just purchased DM800 HD PVR SE (V2) with Internal HDD 1TB, what software i need to download to activate the PVR function, because i purchased my box from Germany (Via eBay) and i was told since 2009 in Germany PVR Recording is not allowed. Any Help will be highly Appreciated.


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  • Funny story, but no. PVR works perfectly fine and will for sure not be forbidden in Germany. And English language is part of every image. Recent images can be found on

    If you're talking about encrypted channels (e.g. HD+ plattform by Astra): The Dreambox software is not able to decrypt them, so their restrictions to recordings and PVR functions do not apply.

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  • Dear m0rphU,
    Thanks for the update, i am located in E-Africa and what i was told by the seller i stated, but i will see because i called the seller they told me after upgrading the Software the PVR function should work. i am still waiting for DHL to deliver my newly purchased DM800 SE V2, if you have any knowledge could you please tell me what is the Best available image for DM800 HD SE V2, because i was checking different forum and came to know openPli is not supporting V2 Receivers ( )
    There is OpnATV, Newnigma2 options left,
    Because i want to take advantage of extras which box can offer and Specialy i want to Setup CCCam for ASTRA 4A 5E ( SES5 )