Cant update firmware on DreamBox 800 HD PVR

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to update the firmware to the latest version: Release 3.2.4 from 04.11.2012)
    however, while holding the power button in order to get the "stop" message on the device screen, I'm not getting the ip displayed (even if its a static ip .. same result with a dhcp config) - the browser interface and the network test are working ok when the device starts.

    Please help.. I dont have a serial cable and this seems to be the only way to properly update the firmware.
    The current firmware seems to be from 02.2009.
    I'm connecting via a direct network cable.

    SN: 8A1813000032096

  • DHCP should be the way to go. Did you simply wait a few seconds when it says "dhcp..."? Is DHCP really working on the server (ie. your router)? How is the Dreambox connected to your home network? Try to plug it into your router directly without any other other device in between if not already done.

  • you should press the power button and then connect the power cable. this is very important ...



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