OE2.0 and remote channel stream converter

  • Hi - I like to use my DM8000 as a server and therefore it needs to stream to clients which are in this example both enigma2 based.
    Since yesterday my DM8000 is running on OE2.0 and my clients ( et9200 and xp1000 ) are equipped with OpenPLI4 and enigma2 plugin " remote channel stream converter ".
    However it seems to do the job only partly meaning streaming works fine, but I do neither get a proper time sync nor EPG on the clients and that is annoying, so therefore I wonder if this is a defect in OE2.0 as this worked flawless previously when my DM8000 was still equipped with PLi

  • Please ask where you got the plugin from... This is a plugin that does not come from dmm and you use it for delivering content to cheap clones... There will be no support for that in this forum....

  • So that means basically tools like remotechannel plugin and partnerbox will not work 100% on non OE2.0 enigma2 clients if server (dm8000) is equipped with OE2.0 and because client is not based on OE2.0 there is no support: pity to hear this

  • We simply don't support third party hardware and software here, I think the reasons are obvious. You should contact the manufacturer of your non-DMM devices or the software running on these devices.

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