OpenPli quits supporting Dreamboxes (on the long run)

  • @gutemine: there's always more than one way to implement something. I wrote that this should be done in the core as I think that this is where you can implement it in a nicer way. This is my opinion on that.


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  • Well, but you don't have any real arguments for this. Especially when you can do it in python it is much more felxible and easier to change and extend, creates no problems with the settings., etc.

    BUT all this is already explainedin the linked thread.

    BTW in my OPINION PLi should also produce such a much better Teletext as in OE 2.0 - suggest this in their board and enjoy their answers.

    Or they should produce their own OpenSource based Qt Webbrowser implementation or their own enhanced and improved EPG loading mechanism.

    All this would be NO problem as it is OpenSource and they have everything needed for doing it - then guess what has NOT happened on these areas in the YEARS since their existence with all their great skills, experience and knowledge ???

  • With having such skills in coding - I know you will reply you don't have them, but we both know that's not true - I think you are really wasting your time by commenting PLI over and over.

    How can we win, when fools can be kings?

  • I saved enough time by stopping support for their Images in my Plugins - so I can waste a little bit of my time to share my opinion :-)

    And my argument is not such a bad one - if a dumb guy like me can do such things .. why cann't they do it, or why are they not doing it ... and this is not really a question as they had plenty of time already to proove me wrong :D

  • Audio Selection Plus plugin - very nice thing, and I am very familiar with it. gutemine, thank You for this great plugin! But it does not work unfortunately with OE2 software. Why, I do not know.
    Sample- select some from your German channels from your Sky Deutschland; Put your preferred audio language is English (by default is the German). And you will see that the audio is still in German, despite the preferense of English you put. With previous software before OE2 it worked . I tend to think that it should still be just as dre said - Automatic audio selection should really be done in the core, well as subtitles in the same way.

    It's my opinion and if you disagree, then I use the PLI on as long as possible.

  • I can't speak for gutemine, but I think the plugin was developed for and on OE 2.0.
    For me it works flawlessly with the most recent unstable OE 2.0 branch.
    But I guess problems regarding this plugin should be discussed in the corresponding plugin thread, given that we are getting quite off-topic.

  • Then create a BETTER one - which is NOT that difficult either, but as I already wrote multiply I don't use subtitles at all - so you are lucky that I will NOT do it 'my way'

  • I just had to reply to all the discussion going on around the various forums and in here cause I'm fed up from various things that people say
    1st a question to everyone "Is with the original software the out of the box experience 0?
    YES IT IS... and we are at 2014 i will say it again 2014 not 1994 not 2004.....
    (if anyone disagrees please do care to elaborate) and no with plugins you can't save the day.

    so the only solution for people was to jump to another software so they can find the functionality that should be there from the beginning openpli was one and for them to stop development is a major hit to dmm either you wanted or not.
    Now to gutemine just a reminder all people CAN CODE NOT.

  • I would better suggest the wastebasked ...

    I'm not a programmer either, but I'm proud to be black :rolleyes:

  • @gutemine wow really? you are not a programmer? I guess next thing you'll say that you learned everything about plugins & linux & manage to do all the things that you want with your box in 5 mins only and without having to read anything and without having any help from anyone.....

    Eberhart wow you just put another nail on the coffin with you very constructive and flawless logic.....