[160614] Neues OE2.0 Update

  • Hier können wir in Zukunft über die neuen Updates diskutieren (wie im VIP Forum).

    enigma2 20140314 -> 20140616
    - correctly apply AC3/PCM delay on mediafile play (MKV, MP4....)
    - small datetime converter fix
    - HdmiCec:
    - broadcast system standby instead of sending it only to the tv (fixes AVR's not turning off)
    - impelment basic volume punchthrough
    - add hack for not working CEC poweroff on strange TVs not provides a EDID when powered off
    - fixed possible lost cec commands on enigma2 shutdown
    - fixed possible crash on harddisk re-init, allow fsck for ext4 (thx to jophi)
    - re-read .cuts file during playback when needed (e.g. record stopped)
    dont overwrite .cuts file on record stop... just append event markers
    see Bugs beim Verhalten beim Start eines Films (Markierungen in Aufnahmen)
    - added US_ULTRA and US_JUMBO band to cablescan
    - add needed changes for current DVB-C tuner transponder search tools
    - fixed crash (TYPO) on mute press (delete) on end of textfield

    20140214 (master)


    - devicemanager changes
    - added "eject" option to devicemanager to allow for safe removal of harddiscs/storage devices
    - removed duplicate choices in storage device hotplug popup
    - fixed occasional failure when trying manually mount a storage device
    - fixed crashes like: "/usr/lib/enigma2/python/mytest.py", line 133, in
    <module> config.misc.prev_wakeup_time = ConfigInteger(default=0)
    ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '1382275925.84'"
    - added handling for invalid system time when bootup to standby
    - added translations for months and days (thanks to merlin team)
    - add changes needed since default ConfigPIN is 0000
    - small mediaplayer position query fix
    - fixed memory leak on ts streaming from network sources
    - dont lookup other transponder SDT during service scan by default, add a
    (expert) config option to reenable it (imho its needed for dish network
    scan only... but breaks service descriptions on some other satellites)
    - fixed possible crash on enigma2 shutdown/restart
    - teletext subtitles changes by Arvo Järve (thanks for that!)
    - add fallback handling to detect subtitle language for providers which not correctly implement the national option subset in the page header (fixes subtiles on some baltic countries)
    - added cyrillic charsets (e.g. fixes teletext subtitles on russian services)
    - new skin option: progress_pointer for using a horizontal pixmap-progressbar with a different ending (e.g. -------------------------O) I am using ePositionGauge for that scenario and taking care of the size of the special picture-ending


    <widget backgroundColor="background"
    progress_pointer="Vali.HD.warp/pgpointer.png:13,0" position="90,674"
    render="PositionGauge" size="880,13" source="session.Event_Now"
    transparent="1" zPosition="9" >

    <convert type="EventPosition">Gauge</convert>


    --> the attrib of the bitmap is the size of the special ending, that means for the example that the ending of the pixmap with the special graphic has a width of 13 pixel.

    enigma2 20131112 (master) -> 20131118 (master)
    - fixed greenscreen on cancel press during service/marker/bouquet rename
    - fixed a possible crash caused by plugins which doesn't check the return code of startTimeQuery..
    - fixed possible crash on screen close
    - fixed broken "ImageDefaultInstaller" (broken since 20131112 update)
    - fixed possible ConfigLocations crash (typo)

    enigma2 20131001 (master) -> 20131112 (master)


    - added unicable support for jultec JPS0501-8

    - added possibility to rename services/markers and bouquets via channelselection context menu

    - small storage manager fixes

    - changes to support picons for remote services (partnerbox)

    - fixed possible epgcache crash

    - fixed now event epg query when no next event is avail

    - fixed endless loop caused by wrongly encoded service names on 10E 11221V 27500

    enigma2 20130902 (master) -> 20130907 (master)

    - fixed crashes on e2 shutdown
    - fixed crash on end of servicescan
    - added a more easy way to detect recording timer wakeups
    - speedup devicemanager
    - fixed incorrectly set harddisc idle time on hdds detected by hotplug
    - some stability improvements

    enigma2 20130831 (master) -> 20130902 (master)

    - virtual subservices bugfix for cable
    - added legacy virtual subservices mode which can be enabled in usage config in normal case not needed (just for some broken cable providers.. but try first the normal mode)
    - added possibility to receive epg data via ts streaming (not used by our soft yet)
    - cleanly shutdown servicelist

    enigma2 20130815 (master) -> 20130831 (master)


    - don't zap to last service after booting into idle mode (automatich timer wakeup)
    - DVDBurn: fixed Bludisc and DVD audio track language selection
    - changes for easier timer wakeup detection in plugins
    - HdmiCec: dont send poweron command when a idle mode request is pending or idle mode is active
    - added missing check to detect if the last automatic wakeup was a record timer wakeup
    - let subservice numbers start from 1 .. because 0 is used to zap between previous two services
    - fixed abortion/ending of service scan
    - fixed zap to last subservice in list via button
    - UPnPMediaRenderer: fixed log spam
    - UPnPMediaRenderer: some picture display improvements (fixed TV-Picture showing between two pictures)
    - fixed possible crash when skipping forwards/backwards with DVB subtitles enabled
    - changes for cleaner shutdown
    - fixed deadlock on jump forward/backward in MKV files
    - added a ServiceInfo converter workaround for types based on evVideoSizeChanged

    enigma2: small idle-mode/standby handling fix (service play after leaving idle mode)


    - dvdburn audio track description fix

    - dont send hdmi cec poweron when a standby notification is scheduled..

    enigma2 20130801 (master) -> 20130815 (master)

    - fixed CEC poweroff message on enigma2 shutdown (deep standby)
    - dont send CEC poweron message on automatic timer wakeup
    - enigma2 will now boot into idle mode on automatic recordtimer wakeups
    - added virtual subservices for some HD services
    - fixed background and selection pixmap rendering in config lists
    - fixed possible crash on subtitle delivery when 3rd party skins don't define some
    mandatory values
    - added "HasSubtitles" converter option to ServiceInfo skin converter

    enigma2 20130715 (master) -> 20130801 (master)


    - added Unicable LNB GT-S3SCR4 (thx to f_brandt)
    - show picons and additional line in favourite mode only, always show channelname in all services, satellites and providers mode
    - servicelist sorting speedup by factor 2.6 (switching between bouquet and all services list is now faster)
    - fixed possible crash in blindscan
    - just warn when eTimers/eSockeNotifiers are stopped from wrong thread
    - fixed bluedisc-player close
    - added /media/net/bluedisc to bluedisc player pathes
    - allow to change channels or open channellist with visible error popup

    enigma2 20130607 (master) -> 20130715 (master)
    - some changes for more robust file handling in flash
    - fix wrap when hitting down on last selectable item with only non-selectable items following
    (fix for graph multi epg)
    - only show valid FECs in manual scan (DVB-S2 QPSK vs 8PSK)
    - fixed possible crash on record stop
    - fixed size of channel selection display settings screen
    - updated translations
    - speedup channellist (switching between bouquets and all services list)

    update dm7020hd and dm8000 hardware drivers
    - changed CI reset handling a bit (fixes detection of some CIs)

    enigma2 20130503b (master) -> 20130607 (master)

    - better debug support for eTimer/eSocketNotifiers used from wrong thread
    - UPnPMediaRenderer: fixed state handling (stop was never emitted)
    - HbbTV: always use .mp4 as file extension for downloaded movies
    - MiniDLNASetup: fix broken share handling
    - fixed a segfault on fast service change (services with subservices)
    - fixed a listbox skin bug (dont use lef/right config offsets for decoration (selection pixmaps)
    - fixed comment about config_item_height in skin_default.xml
    - added missing import of eListboxPythonConfigContent (fixes config_description and config_value font)
    - fixed infrequent crashes on enigma2 restart

    update dreambox hardware drivers


    - fixed AAC problems (dm800se, dm500hd, dm7020hd)

    - added support for more samplerates to alsa driver (not dm800)

    - fixed boot progressbar position (dm7020hd)

    - small stability improvements

    enigma2 20130424 (master) -> 20130503 (master)
    - added assertions to detect usage of eTimers and eSocketNotifiers from incorrect thread
    - fixed hls/http streaming dead locks on channel change
    - fixed filtering of non printable characters (caused a deadlock on UTF-16 -> UTF8 DVB text conversion)
    e.g. fixes service searching on 16.0E
    - added possibility to globally change the config and string list font(s) and item heights examples at skin-default.xml
    - fixed broken check for http services (enable previously broken user-agent setting)
    - storage / harddisc manager:
    - fixed crash (python set has no method append)
    - fixed wrongly used "Mounted by system!" and "No mountpoint defined!" texts
    - listbox / stringcontent / configcontent:
    - fixed wrongly filled space (5 Pixels) between listbox content and scrollbar when the listbox background is transparent
    - fixed vertical centering of listbox string content
    - dont use left/right configlist offsets when paint listbox decoration (selection pixmap)
    - servicelist fixes since "merlin channelist"
    - fixed marker-jumps in movemode. We now move the marked service properply before/behind the marker
    - fixed "move to character" jumping to the end of the "All Services"
    list when no service with the given character could be found
    - correctly order satellite list from west to east again
    - updated translations
    - updated default favourite list

    +HW Treiber:
    dreambox-dvb-modules: update hw drivers
    - increased max number of demux feeds (allow more pids on a single demux)
    - fixed small demux bug
    - changed lcd logo for dm7020hd

    enigma2 20130314 (master) -> 20130424 (master)
    - switched to more flexible, python-based servicelist implementation with more options (thx to merlin team!)
    - filter out non printable characters from DVB texts (epg, now/next, servicenames)
    - MiniDLNASetup: fixed broken kill/restart and added possibility to force a full resccan
    - some hardisk/storage manager cleanups/fixes
    - fixed rtsp stream synchronization
    - fixed multimedia subtitle memory leak
    - removed workaround to disable multimedia subtitles
    - activate fwd/rwd buttons in browser
    - some hbbtv fixes (allow extension of hbbtv <object> via Element.prototype)
    - fixed broken http/https streaming after browser has been used
    - added new epgcache option to keep and collect outdated events (disabled by default)
    to show outdated events of a service you can press "long" info or press menu in single epg-list of a service
    - take care of configured epgcache timespan on cleanloop run (every minute)
    - added some (deprecated) wrapper functions for some gui functions which were removed in 20130314 tarball
    - vertically center texts in configuration dialogs
    - allow to set left/right offsets for configuration lists (demo in skin-default.xml)
    - added possibility to disable wakeup from standby on zap-timers via usage config

    Neues Treiberupdate:

    - fixed a demux problem which can cause 0 byte ts files when multiple parallel high bitrate recordings are running (from same transponder/demux)

    - fixed a small MPEG4 ASP playback bug (xvid, divx, ...)

    enigma2 20130220 (master) -> 20130314 (master)


    - added support for more png types (32bpp, < 8bpp, ...)
    but please DONT use 32bpp generally.. read the pngquant doku.. you can easily
    configure it to convert PNGs to 8bpp indexed mode when no quality loss
    is expected
    - added support for nicer (vertical) scrollbars (please ask for demo skin if you want to use it)
    - fix disabling subtitles (after service change)
    - fixed crash in satconfig dialog on cancel press in "Delete no more configured satellite?" choicebox
    - ask for user skill in configuration wizard
    - ask for multiple bouquets support in configuration wizard
    - add channelselection context menu hook for plugins
    - disable hack for non dvb compliant multichoice irdeto epg because it breaks epg of other dvb compliant epg providers
    please report tsid/onid/orbital position of transponders which need this hack.. so we can re-add a better workaround
    - finally fixed twisted reactor

    enigma2 20130219 (master) -> 20130220 (master)


    - fixed broken end of file handling for mediafiles when subtitle support was disabled in usage setup

    enigma2 20130216 (master) -> 20130219 (master)


    - fixed usage setup translation support
    - more work on "dont seek past end of file stuff" when skipping with number buttons
    - make AfterEvent always visible in timer editing (for zap timers)
    - optimized recordings with enabled swap
    - renamed "Deep Standby" to "Standby" and "Standby" to "Idle mode" at some more places
    - disable listbox slider border when a slider background picture is set
    - enabled alphatest for slider pixmaps
    - fixed saving of inactivity shutdown value when changed by choicebox
    - fixed completely disabled multimedia subtitles (since previous tarball)
    - HDMI CEC revert change done in previous tarball

    enigma2 20130114 (master) -> 20130216 (master)

    - Mediaplayer: add possibility to clear the playlist from within playlist and filebrowser
    - Hdmi CEC: Send Source Inactive when going into standby (not system standby which usually causes a total mess)
    - SEC: dont use increased voltage for unicable by default.. .. always use 13V as low voltage.. but 18/19 by user config
    - Teletext Subtitles: fixed wrongly displayed czech/slovak LATIN SMALL
    - UPnP: properly shut down the controlpoint with all devices WE (server,
    renderer, etc) registered so they disappear from all clients
    - fixed now/next query for services without entry in lamedb (e.g. IPTV services)
    - added automatic inactivity shutdown timer after choosable time (by EU rule default 3 hours)
    - added possibilty to skin listbox scrollbars
    - fixed recording problems with enabled linux swap
    - some twisted fixes (fixes some not working plugins without installed webif)
    - changed stopTimeshift function a bit to allow switching to live ts but dont stop timeshift (can be used by external plugins)
    - dont jump past end of file when do relative jumps in recordings
    - add possibility to disable gstreamer subtitle support because of gstreamer memory leak


    Sundtek DVB-CT
    Raspberry @ 1000/500/500/6

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  • - Hdmi CEC: Send Source Inactive when going into standby (not system standby which usually causes a total mess)

    Was bitte heißt das denn genau? Bislang ging der TV doch auch aus, wenn man die Box in den Standby versetzt hat (auch wenn nicht zu 100%, oder wurde genau das verbessert?).

    Schade, die Box schaltet immernoch den TV an beim Hochfahren. Außerdem schaltet sie den TV auch nicht beim Herunterfahren aus. Kann ich nicht nachvollziehen, warum das nicht implementiert wird! Das klappt bei OpenPLI und den Konkurrenzboxen mit niedrigerem Softwarestand schon lange... ganz abgesehen von den weiteren CEC Einstellmöglichkeiten.

    Trotzdem Danke für das Update! Steckt sicher eine Menge Zeit & Arbeit dahinter!


    Sundtek DVB-CT
    Raspberry @ 1000/500/500/6

  • Kann mir bitte ein Entwickler erklären, warum der TV nicht mehr in den Standby geht, wenn ich die Box in den IDLE Modus versetze?

    Sundtek DVB-CT
    Raspberry @ 1000/500/500/6

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  • After updating to the latest version OE2.0 stopped me HDMICEC work? why? - My TV - Samsung

    dm7080= DVB-T + DVB-C + Card NC+ + Cam CP + FTA
    /Maximum E85/Corab80/Maximum E85=46/45-42-39-33/31-28-23-19-16-13-9-7-5-1-4/5

  • Es wäre toll, wenn die Glotze nicht nur im "idle" mode ausgeht, sondern auch, wenn man sie entweder manuell od. per inaktitiv-countdown in den (deep)standy schickt. Lediglich beim Herunterfahren in den Standy, beim booten aus jenen nicht, wäre doof bei Aufnahmen.

  • Code
    1. if reason == 0:
    2. if session is not None:
    3. #only send cec power on if it hasn been a record-timer that issued poweron
    4. if not session.nav.wasTimerWakeup() or session.nav.RecordTimer.getNextRecordingTime() > session.nav.RecordTimer.getNextZapTime():
    5. cec.powerOn()
    6. else:
    7. cec.powerOff()

    Der code ist eigtl beriets so gschrieben ;).
    reason = 1 bedeutet "enigma2 beendet sich" In welche Mode es danach geht ist in dem fall irrelevant.

  • Und bitte bitte eine Option einfügen, dass der TV beim Hochfahren nicht angeht! Es nervt wenn nachts eine Aufnahme startet und der TV plötzlich angeht. Außerdem startet der TV jeden Morgen obwohl ich ihn garnicht unbedingt eingeschaltet hätte...

    Sundtek DVB-CT
    Raspberry @ 1000/500/500/6

  • Hallo, seit dem update funktioniert mein Wlan Stick (D-link DWA 131) nicht mehr.

    Hat jemand nen Tipp`? Danke

    edit: liegt nicht am Stick - Wlan scheint seit dem update generell ein problem zu sein. Ein andere stick mit anderem chipsatz funktioniert auch nicht.

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  • Es gibt ein neues update (siehe oben). Ich habe es noch nicht drauf, aber das CEC Problem sollte behoben sein.

    Sundtek DVB-CT
    Raspberry @ 1000/500/500/6

  • Hallo, seit dem update funktioniert mein Wlan Stick (D-link DWA 131) nicht mehr.

    Hat jemand nen Tipp`? Danke

    edit: liegt nicht am Stick - Wlan scheint seit dem update generell ein problem zu sein. Ein andere stick mit anderem chipsatz funktioniert auch nicht.

    Moin zusammen,

    habe das selbe Problem...mit Original Stick!