HID (2.4GHz wireless usb keyboard/trackball combo) work on OpenDreambox OE2.0.0 ?

  • Hello all.
    I'm a OpenDreambox 2.0 user (with Gemini bluepanel plugin).

    I bought a 2.4GHz wireless usb keyboard/trackball device.
    When i bought it in Bangkok / Thailand at Zeer, the seller already noticed, are you sure you want it, because it's a windows only device. At that time i didn't discover same kind of device from logitech, so i bought it. Because i had my windows xp based htpc in mind (self assembled atx pc of 13 years old that just keep working 8) ).

    But I still thought, let's give it a try when I'm back in Amsterdam (Netherlands) if it works on my Dreambox DM8000 with OE2.0.

    So back in Amsterdam, i connect the device to win htpc, and it works out of the box (plug&play).
    I connect it to the Dreambox DM8000 front usb , and the mouse keys are working ! 8o
    So the device is connected to the DM8k with oe2.0.0(uptodate).

    I wonder how i can get all functions like trackball and keyboard keys working.
    When i look in opendreambox . menu > setup > system > input devices
    then i see this is added: HID 04d9:2517 and HID 04d9:2517 (so 2 times the same)
    I also have the native dreambox advanced remote in use.

    When i look in Gemini bluepanel at:
    Bluepanel > Information > Hardware
    Then i see this as keyboard and mouse:

    Type: Input (keyboard)
    Name: HID 04d9:2517
    Device: /dev/input/event0

    Type: Input (Mouse) (Joystick)
    Name: HID 04d9:2517
    Device: /dev/input/event1

    Type: Input (Keyboard)
    Name: dreambox front panel
    Device: /dev/input/event2

    Dreambox remote is now as:
    Type: Input (IR)
    Name: dreambox remote control (native)
    Device: /dev/input/event3

    Anyone know what to do to get maximum functionality. Do i need to added extra kernel modules, or reflash the dm8000 with oe2.0 and connected 2.4GHz usb keyboard?
    And yes i do know it's sold as windows only hardware, but since i experience working mouse buttons on the wireless 2.4GHZ keyboard-trackball, the connection and hardware would be ok right?

    Specs about the wireless 2.4GHZ keyboard-trackball :
    Manufactorer: Macnus
    Model: S-KW256S

  • I discover that this "Macnus S-KW256S" wireless keyboard/mouse that originally is windows only, has full support on Linux.

    So i use it on my Linux HTPC (Debian based), but why is it not working on a DM8000 with uptodate oe2.0/opendreambox, if it is fully supported on Linux desktop & server distributions?

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.