WLAN connection dropped, does not reconnect automatically

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    • WLAN connection dropped, does not reconnect automatically

      Sometimes the WLAN network connection is lost (DM7020HD using the original stick). Symptoms:
      - the router does not see the DreamBox anymore as an active WLAN connection
      - network test passes using the test inside the system settings GUI !!
      - weather plugin displays a DNS error

      Remedy: a network restart solves the problem and puts the network into an usable state again.

      The main problem is remote access over dyndns in the case of a broken connection. This does not recover by itself. This is annoying because nobody is in front of the box to restart the network in this case.

      Does someone else experience this problem? Are there known workarounds? (using a LAN cable is unfortunately not an option for me)

      Idea of fix: use of a cron job or another timer framework to regularly check the connection and trigger a network restart if necessary.
    • just one advice: get a netgear WNCE2001 (or 3001)

      this is a wlan bridge, you connect the network cable from you box to it, and the bridge makes a wlan connection to the router

      using it for a while now, in the beginning I was wondering if it would work, now I'm convinced

      as an extra: this way you can also flash the box over the network