Wrong Dreambox time for GMT+2/Minsk

  • Hello.
    Dreambox shows wrong time for Minsk (Belarus), late for the 1h — e.g. DM displays 11:00, but actually in Minsk — 12:00. Time zone is set to GMT+2 (Athens, Istanbul, Minsk).

    Because it is unknown whether Belarus to make the transition to "winter time" (and if it is — then when exactly), it would be nice to add one more option in "Time Zone Setup" for temporary adjusting the selected zone time: +1 hour or -1 hour.

    dm500 hd; OE2.0 (20130715)

  • I have this problem in Sweden also in the summer (CEST).
    There is an option to disable transponder time and use NTP and that works but that EPG is 1 hour wrong anyway.
    This really need to be fixed and an option to disable EIT from transponders would be nice.
    I am grabbing EPG from internet but it doesn't help because transponders EIT overwrites it with EPG that is 1 hour wrong.

    Dreambox 8000CC, Epson TW3200 with Euroscreen Black Grey 86", Pioneer VSX-1017, AMD A8-3850, OpenSUSE 12.1, EeePC 900, Xbox, Playstation 3