HD8000PVR Remote Control and DVI->HDMI Cable.

  • Hello.

    I have 2 questions, that perhaps other users have solved.

    1.) The HD8000PVR Remote Control Reception angle is too small for my regular use (45 degrees in all directions, measured perpendicular to the box, that is a total angle of 90 degrees).
    Having looked at the following : http://www.cleverandeasy.com/M…rared-remote-control.html
    And using 3M Scotch Magic Tape all over the reception area on the box, unfortunately didnt yield any increase in reception angle.
    a.) Is there any Bluetooth/Radio Remote Control that can be used in conjunction with the Dreambox HD8000PVR (with perhaps some connection to an internal connector) ?
    b.) Is there any IRDA device to add, so that the remote control will have two different receptors to pass on commands to the box (also some kind of internal connector) ?

    2.) The DVI->HDMI cable supplied with the box is 1.5meter long, and thus too short. I have a DVI->HDMI adapter, and that works fine with any HDMI-HDMI cable,
    but the adapter+cable makes it a bit too long, and I would like to know if I can use any DVI->HDMI cable for it (this specifically, with the audio transfer over the DVI connector)

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards : eskildsen

  • 1a) Im using a Logitech Harmony 900, which uses a RF->IR Receiver which I did position in front of the IR diode in the Box. In fact, this is a generic solution that works with almost every IR controlled device ;)
    1b) You could add a lirc USB receiver. There is a thread about the use of lirc in a dreambox. But as far as I've seen, this is not a trivial process.
    For the 8000 there is a modding Kit with a colored OLED and an improved IR sensor available at IHAD.

    2) You need to use a cable that uses all pins. Then there shouldn't be any difference to your current adapter :)

    so long