DM8000 (first generation) second internal sata controller, can it been used instead of intern usb-sata?

  • Hi all.
    Since we all have the possibility to upgrade our DM8000 with a BD-R burner, i have this question:
    Can we (1st generation DM8000 users) use the second internal sata connector ?

    I ask this, because my DM8000 came with a usb->sata connector. So on the mainboard (see image with number 2 in it) their was a usb 2.0 bus, with usb-sata module. A sata wire from that usb-sata module was used to connect the DVD-R burner.

    On the other image attached, you see a black arrow pointing to what i think is a second sata connector.
    Can we use that for BD-R instead of the usb-sata module?
    I mean transferrate of a real sata bus is way higherthen a usb2.0 module, and so BD-R burning will go better/faster?
    Or more better, we got then 3x sata internal (2 original ones + the usb-sata module).

    If I remember right, the second sata wasn't used because of some driver issue, so now with oe2.0.0, can we use the second main board sata connector?

  • It's working ! :thumbsup:

    Today i received the Sony Optiarc BD-5750H (It's from Hewlet Packard). 8o
    I removed the older dvd slim slot in drive, and removed the sata cable that goes to the usb-sata(II?) module in a DM8000. (keep that sata cable, because the sata connector into the usb looks like a sataII, so i think it's a sataII-sata cable)

    I connected another shorter sata cable on the second sata connector on the motherboard. See picture above, it's near the optical drive location.
    Other side of sata cable to Sony(HP) BD-5750H drive. Mounted the optical slim drive like Dream Multimedia show, and started the DM8000.
    It's booting ok, and the DM8000 recognise the "hp BD RW BD-5750H" with OE2.0.0 image.
    I try to play a dvd, but dvd player didn't start playing. ;( (can dmm work on this, playing movie DVD on /dev/sr0 BD-drive)
    Then i use DVD burn plugin, and that is working. 8)
    So the drive it selves is working on DM8000 second sata connector on motherboard.(see second image above)
    I use OE2.0.0 image of dmm (original), maybe they can explain why dvd player isn't working, but DVD burn plugin does.
    Because it's a experimental oe2.0.0 image, i guess they're working on it to get it better. :pinch:

    Location of BD RW drive connected to second sata controller on DM8000 motherboard is: /dev/sr0 (with nothing connected to usb-sata internal)

    Only advice i want to give:
    My previous dvd-rw drive was a slot in type. The BD-RW drive that i have now has a tray.
    I miss my slot in, because a tray is a bit eeh sensitive for mechanical force, and doesn't close as easy as inserting a disc in a slot in drive. Sometimes the tray isn't closing properly, and then i have to move the tray a bit to get it close, and sometimes press more times to keep it close. (maybe that's the downside of buying something from internet that is located at other side of the world (like HongKong->Amsterdam). Lots of post travelling and maybe mechanical force).

    So if you get a Blu Ray slim drive, get a slot in one, and not with tray.
    A Blu-Ray slim drive recorder with slot-in is: Sony Optiarc BD5850H (I recommend that one for the DM8000)

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

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