DLNA mediaserver functionality on the Dreambox/enigma2 ?.

  • Hello all.
    Is it possible to get a DLNA server function on the Dreambox DM8000 ? :?:

    I discovered that their are plugins like uShare, and Mediatomb. 8o
    uShare isn't working here, and Mediatomb only works on the VU+ enigma2 tuners. ?(
    I understand that a dreambox doesn't have the power onboard to transcode, but that isn't nessesary.
    It would be nice if it can show the recordings by DLNA server on the (home) network.
    Because lots of media related devices have DLNA client build in(tv's, media players), so it would be nice if they can play the recordings made on our Dreamboxes. :thumbup:

    Anyone suggestions how to get DLNA working on our Dreamboxes? By uShare (but then working) or by Mediatomb (not only for VU+), or is their another plugin for DLNA server functionality?

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

  • Try this in google search: "twonky server installation dreambox"
    First item is what you'll need. Unfortunately itś in German language only. But just try to get trough it.

    Best regards, deathrattle

  • Yep, i got TwonkeyServer 6 on the dreambox.
    But it needs a serial to activate the server :thumbdown:
    So i prefer a dlna server on Dreambox that is free to use (like many other dlna servers for on desktop computers)

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

  • I've started to work a few days ago on a full DLNA/UPNP Implemention into Enigma2 :thumbsup:

    As a core I am using parts of the Coherence DLNA Framework.

    Still very experimental, but made some progress and experimental python scripts (still outside enigma2) to get some stuff up and running, and also created a little dlna-client plugin for enigma2.

    What I have so far working in a early experimental (but working!!) stage:

    • UPNP/DLNA MediaServer
      A little dlna server that can share filesystem content from your dreambox, like all files in /media/hdd/. It acts as a simple DLNA MediaServer and is visible for all UPNP Clients in the network that can then browse the shared folders and files of your dreambox. Transcoding via gstreamer is also supported, but I doubt it makes much sense to enable it because transcoding mediafiles on dreambox takes years!
    • UPNP/DLNA Media Renderer
      Plays back media content provided by a MediaServer, connected with a Controlpoint you can play media on your dreambox from your PC or MobilePhone, just select the Dreambox as Playbackdevice/MediaRender inside your DLNA Application on PC, Phone or whatever. So you can easily select mediafiles on your PC and stream them to the dreambox, playback will automaticly start there without further action. So the Dreambox can get completly remote controled by any mediaplayer in the network that supports playback on remote-devices, like Twonky, Windows MediaPlayer and many others ...
    • UPNP/DLNA Media Controlpoint
      Acts like a remote control and can share content between servers and clients, listen to events of other dlna devices and can detect if new DLNA Devices connect/disconnect so we can handle the devices inside enigma2. It also allows us to remote control and watch activity of other DLNA Devices on the Network, like subscribing to events of other DLNA Devices and do custom actions then on the dreambox.
    • UPNP/DLNA MediaServer Client
      A very simply plugin for Enigma2 to search for DLNA MediaServers inside the Network, browse their content and play audio, video and photo files from other DLNA Servers. Just written for testing purposes to browse DLNA Server Content on the Dreambox, but might get extended then in the future as a full DLNA Client/Server/Renderer/ControlPoint.
    • UPNP/DLNA Server Plugins
      We not can only share files, we also can create our own servers with plugins. The Coherence Framwork offers some Sample Plugins, like an AppleTrailer Plugin that you can enable and a new DLNA Server will show up in your network where you can browse the Movie Trailers from AppleTrailer Website. Or Flicker-Plugin, youTube and Facebook Photos and many other popular services, easily browsable as an UPNP Server. I already got some of those plugins working on my Dreambox. There is also a sample plugin to share DVB Streams on a UPNP Server, so even TV Streams of your Dreambox could get shared via UPNP then! Plugin not working yet tough. This also offers some nice ways to write some new python plugins for developers to create their own UPNP Servers and fill it with whatever content they would like to see there. Local or remote Files, internet/radio streams or whatever makes sense to browse and play on your Dreambox / TV.

    Like said: It's still very experimental and there is still a lot of work to do, specially when integrating and porting all this stuff directly into enigma2 and offer a nice framwork for Plugin Developers but it's just a question of time until I have a full dlna/upnp framwork inside enigma2 that can handle all the stuff that needs to be implemented. Like MediaServers, Plugin Support, ControlPoint to control other devices and acting as MediaRenderer to get remote controled by another MediaServer to play mediafiles, change volume or whatever, all those hundreds of commands need to get handled by enigma2 then. A lot of work, but I think I will be able to get for you within a few weeks, maybe months.

    The performance of streaming media was very good and fast, I already streamed a lot of 1080p Movies from the dreambox to PC and from PC to Dreambox without transcoding, everything worked well and smooth. Just some smaller problems here and there when trying to seek/jump with some formats and the playtime was sometimes not displayed correctly on the dreambox, depending on which file formats I was streaming, but that should be fixable I guess.

    DLNA can do a lot of funny stuff, not just sharing files. Remote Control of MediaRenderer is also very funny, you just browse the mediafiles on your iphone or pc with Twonky, Windows MediaPlayer or whatever and select the Dreambox as a Playback Device so you can easily sit on your PC or iPhone, browse local files and control the stuff that is played on the dreambox. Or the other way, you sit on your dreambox and remote control what is played on your PC, iPhone, AVR, TV or any other DLNA Device that can act as a DLNA MediaRenderer Device


  • Hello Homey,
    this is just the thing I ever missed.
    I tried out libupnp/fuse in conjunction with Media Center plugin, but it is very slow :-(
    When you will release a beta version? I'm ready to be abused for testing!
    Crossing my fingers for your project,

  • Hi Homey,
    that sounds very interesting. As this is exactly what I'm looking for, I'm very excited about the progress of your project.
    Keep up your work and Good luck!
    Best wishes.

  • Hi HOMEY!

    This is one of the best things I ever found for the DM8000 !
    Besides your permament timeshift plugin.

    But: I did not see any plugin or so attached (like this is usually the case)
    Can (or do you already want to) provide a test version of the stuff you
    Described above ?

    For me and my level of knowledge it would have to be a ipk package...

    I would like to try it ... can you please attach something to this thread !!??!!


  • Hi Homey,

    regarding the potential of this item, I am surprised about the low activity in this thread.

    Is there any progress ? I also did not see any answer/comment to my question about
    a test version of that DLNA (above, you have attached screenshots, so I assume you already
    have something running...)

    A sort reply (even with: be patien - it will take some time...) would be nice.

    kind regards

  • I would specially love to have the renderer, and this mainly for music.
    there is no sense in choosing music with a remote on a 46inch screen if i can do it on my phone/tap much more convenient. now i have an XBMC only for rendering music.
    i even tried to implement this myself a view month ago - but failed.
    i would also love to get even an alpha asap.
    thx a lot for the efforts


  • Hi Homey, I'm also anxious to see the DLNA implementation on DM8000. I just need the Renderer, any way to test it and help on debugging ?


  • Yep, i got TwonkeyServer 6 on the dreambox.
    But it needs a serial to activate the server :thumbdown:

    It's not that expensive (got it working here).
    Anyway forget transcoding. Enigma2 tuners/pvr don't have cpu power forthat. So be shure the player supports the files on your dreambox. (for example first burn it on cd/dvd to test (or usb memstick).
    Maybe you like miniDLNA.(it's free).

    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

  • It would be so great, just having this simple music rendrere running.
    Is homey still working on this, or is that canceled ?

  • Still working on it. The requirements from DMM make it much more complicated for me, otherwise I would already have released something dirty, but working. But they want something nice (and working!), that's complicated :D

    Don't have much time for it at the moment to rewrite my code completly. I am busy with my Job and have 3 active projects for ebay, paypal and groupon running there at the same time, keeping me busy all the day. That needs to get finished first, then I hopefully have some time again for my UPNP Dreambox Project and can rewrite the code for DMM. I can't release what I have here at home at the moment, sorry. DMM would not like it if I release dirty stuff :P They have a good plan for it and helped me with some stuff, but I simply have to rewrite everything for it. But then it will be really nice and we finally get full UPNP Support with a real nice performance and all the nice features that UPNP offers. Features we have been waiting for for many many years, so it will not hurt you if you have to wait some more weeks/months. Even if it's just one week of coding, but I simply don't have the time for it at the moment, sorry

    Theorie ist, wenn man alles weiß, aber nichts funktioniert.
    Praxis ist, wenn alles funktioniert aber niemand weiß warum.

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  • Hey Homey
    Thx for this very straight and honest answer.
    Everything very well understood - all the best for your projects.

    Still hoping it might be weeks instead of month for DLNA;-) (die hoffnung stirbt zuletzt)



  • Hey again.
    I know everyone is busy doing something else. . .
    But, i just came along a coder working on a plex (yet another dlna capable mediaserver) plugin for dreambox.
    Myself i think about working on a proper dreambox implementation (for live tv) on the xbmc.
    All that would not be neccessary if this dlna implementation would be realized! !!

    What shall we do?
    Write emails to dream to put more resources in this?
    Come on dream! !!!!!!
    This would be the ultimate feature - and you will not get around implementing it sooner or later anyway.

    So why not sooner? ???
    Or is "letting customers wait endless" an accepted company strategy after the years we have been waiting for the dm8000 (i believe i waited more then 2 years).

    If a full implementation takes to much time, give us at lesst a renderer!

    Please give me hope homey

  • Hi,
    Can you explain what you mean in deatil with:

    ??? The oe2.0 contains a dlna implementation, so what do you wait for?

    I have tried oe2.0 and found a working dlna server, pretty ok but not really unique.
    The problem is that there is no real dlna renderer available for the dreambox.

    I found some descriptions like "basic upnp client support for plugin developers" in oe2.0
    But was not able to identify where it is or how it works

    I am looking for a software that starts playing a media file automatically when it is "pushed" to
    The dreambox (like airplay) - but ideally not with this apple special protocol - i would prefer
    Standard dlna.

    If this is possible with oe2.0 can you please give some advise how to implement that ?

    Thanks & kind regards