MKV Default Audio Track selection

  • In the latest DMM OE1.6 image & updated drivers on a DM8000, there appears to be a bug in the handling of MKV files with multiple audio tracks. The firmware seems to ignore the MKV "Default flag" when selecting which audio track to play (e.g. DTS vs. AC3). When a file with multiple audio tracks is selected for playback, the actual audio track selected appears to be random. Sometimes the system will select DTS and sometimes AC3, regardless of the setting of the MKV "Default flag" in each track. In every case, the desired audio track can be manually selected after playback begins. An 'mkvinfo' listing of a typical MKV file that exhibits this problem is attached. Could this be a bug in the audio driver stream selection logic?


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  • it's not in a bug in our driver - rather a missing feature in the media framework that we use do demux matroska containers. this has already been fixed and will be included in an upcoming release. thanks for your report though!

  • Thanks much for the quick reply! Happy to hear this is already a known issue. Looking forward to that next release.