Enigma2 Web Interface

  • Hi All,
    I have a DB 500 HD.
    I want to my 500 HD connect other PC via internet.
    I was entered IP adress, i was look Enigma2 Web Interface but nothing entered.Username and password not correctly!
    Try username: root, password: dreambox but not entered :(

  • Hello.

    After a lot of searching on my part, when i had to connect my HD 8000 i had a similar problem.

    Try to download / use
    For Windows:putty.exe and WinSCP.exe
    For Linux : ssh, rsh, or similar

    and log on to the box with the correct IP address, and use user=root, pass=dreambox then use the command "passwd" and make a new password that you can remember (or even "dreambox", though, thats not really recommeded) - after you set the password (even if it was already set) - you should now be able to access it via the Web Interface or FTP server.

    Good luck and have fun.

    Best regards /eskildsen