Recording on DM500s

  • Hi,

    I am new with a Dreambox. Just got it.

    It works excellent however how can I record programmes?

    It is DM500S - Is there any good features with this box?


  • If it's new and a DM500S (without + PLUS), then it's a cheap china clone and not an original dreambox from DMM.

    DMM doesn't produce DM500s anymore since many many years ... they only build DM500+ Boxes ...

    Theorie ist, wenn man alles weiß, aber nichts funktioniert.
    Praxis ist, wenn alles funktioniert aber niemand weiß warum.

  • Good info Homey but it does not answer the first question. Does anyone else know how to record on DM500S? Thanks folks.

  • why DM500S is not supported for recording is there any other kind of information to record videos in dm 500S(clone)