current oe-1.5 build fails

  • Dear all,

    I am currently trying to make a new image for a 7020 with a few updates from CVS, with quiet a few problems. For isnatnce I still am unable to sort a -ltuxbox flag that comes up in tuxtxt. However doing a dirty job it runs through but t the very end I get:

    That really throws me. I found this to be an old debian bug.
    Any help would be really appreciated


  • Update:
    All enigma1 builds fail in ubuntu lucid for me. Tried a new checkout for 7020 in debian, which runs through. So maybe I have to transfer everything back from Ubuntu to debian.... :)

  • If you have -ltuxbox issues it seems you have somehow setup your environment to build for the wrong boxtype, not for the dreambox .
    IMHO the -ltuxbox dependency is only added when you are building images for the DBox.
    I don't know how to fix this in OE, sorry :( .


    Try a 32bit ubuntu...

    That shouldn't be neccessary. All you need is to install the package ia32-libs so that the binary 32bit tools provided by DMM work correctly.