Which Tuner for New DMM HD boxes ? Welche Tuner für Neue DMM HD-Boxen?

  • Hello
    Im wondering what tuners are integrated into the new HD boxes, 800HD se, 7020HD, DM8000HD ?
    the current tuners used are BCM4501?
    Thanks for the info ?</div_prefs>

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  • Hallo
    Im fragen, was Tuner sind in den neuen HD-Boxen, 800HD SE, 7020HD, DM8000HD integriert?
    den aktuellen Tuner verwendet werden BCM4501
    Danke für die Info?

  • well
    a verified source told me that the new tuners use BCM4505
    according to http://www.broadcom.com/produc…Receiver-Products/BCM4505


    Integrated advanced demodulation decoder supports DVB-S2 Broadcast, DVB-S, 8PSK Turbo

    wich means the new tuners are turbo-fec capable, now the hardware is there, we just need support from DMM, enabling turbo-fec by releasing drivers would just help the north american DMM users, It will boost your sales as never

    I hope I will get a promising answer from DMM Developers

    thanks again