Hispasat 30 W does not lock in Satellite Finder

  • Hispasat 30 W does not lock in Satellite Finder

    Hi @ll.

    I have the following issue that the Dreambox won’t lock to the Hispasat 2, 30.0W.

    I have two dishes, one with Hotbird 13 E, Astra 19.2E and Astra 28.2E and a second dish with Hispasat.

    We have recently had the house painted and the painters had removed the dish with Hispasat. Now I have connected that dish again, but whatever I do it does not lock.

    Therefore I cannot add new channels to the Hispasat, but I can still watch in good quality some of the channels from the Hispasat that were already in my bouquet like: EHS, Feeds 1 TSA, Feeds 2 TSA, Feeds 3 TSA, Feeds 4 TSA, Iberalia, Parlamento, Telesur and TV Record.

    I have used both Engima Signal Meter and OneStep Satfinder Pro 0.0.9 to set the dish up

    If I check the position of the dish it seems to be correct according to the results these two programs display.

    On the Hispasat 2, I get values of SNR: 80% db 12.10 BER: 0 AGC 90%

    And these are the values I get when looking to e.g: Iberalia, Telesur, etc.

    But still if I go to the Dreambox to Satfinder, the Hispasat does not get the checkmark at Lock, while the other 3 satellites do.

    It shows there SNR 0%

    BER: 49344

    I see that I can tune and select Manual transponder or Predefined transponder, but that does not makes a difference.

    So why does it shows a good value and I can see still watch some of the Hispasat channels while it does not lock and therefore I cannot add more channels or search for more.

    Do you have any idea where to look and how to fix this?
  • What I don't understand is, as both tools used to set up the dish [Engima Signal Meter and OneStep Satfinder Pro 0.0.9] show that the Hispasat 2 has this value: SNR: 80%, db 12.10, BER: 0, AGC 90% and I can watch some of the channels on the Hispasat 2, why is it not locking on the box itself.

    Is this value SNR: 80%, db 12.10, BER: 0, AGC 90% still too low?

  • The High BER value is seen by the box. I have just resetted the box to factory defaults, did a new scan but than it does not scan anything from Hispasat as that is not locked.

    If I do a manual scan and select Single transponder for the Hispasat 2 (30W) and I put it at Frecuency 10890 V, 27500, 3/4 it finds only 10 channels, so the channels I had mentioned before. If I do a full scan on the complete Hispasat it does not find anything.

    Doing the same manual scan but then with different frequencies nothing is found.

    I still find it strange that it finds 10 channels on the manual scan, since it is not locked.

    It should find more channels on more transponders for Europe on the Hispasat, see lyngsat.com/Hispasat-1C-1D-1E.html

    I thought that setting this back would be easy, using the above mentioned tools, but these are of no use as it sees only these 10 channels with a very good value, but apparently this is not the correct position as the box does not lock to the Hispasat.

    If I have some time tomorrow I will give it a new try, as today I already spent a very long time changing and turning the dish, the lnbs, checked that the cable is correctly inserted in the lnb.