Dreambox Control Center... FTP Component not ready!

  • Dreambox Control Center... FTP Component not ready!


    I am trying to access my Dreambox 7020 using Dreambox Control center.
    When I go into DCC , I click on FTP.... however on the left hand side of the screen I see no file system for the Dreambox. At the bottom of the DCC screen I have this message "FTP component not ready". This is what I see if I look in the FTP Protocol section:
    TP1: < 220 Welcome to the OpenDreambox FTP service.
    FTP1: > USER root
    FTP1: < 331 Please specify the password.
    FTP1: > PASS dreambox
    FTP1: < 230 Login successful.
    FTP1: > CWD /etc
    FTP1: < 250 Directory successfully changed.
    FTP1: > PWD
    FTP1: < 257 "/etc"
    FTP1: > PORT My IP.
    FTP1: < 200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
    FTP1: > LIST -al
    FTP1: FTP component not ready

    Any idea's on why I am receiving this "FTP component not ready" message?