OpenDreambox 2.0.0 (Kernel3.2, Blu Ray burn/play, webbrowser, HBBTV, and so on)

  • OpenDreambox 2.0.0 (Kernel3.2, Blu Ray burn/play, webbrowser, HBBTV, and so on)

    Hello all.

    I discover that for my DM8000 a new long waited version is out: OpenDreambox2.0.0.

    I want to say good and bad thing:
    Good: Thanks a lot for the awesome new features. Looking forward to use it . I'm waiting for imagebuilders who use opendreambox(closedsource).

    Bad: There is not much Open to OpenDreambox, because the full image is closed source. Why? I hope it'll be like the old days, open source, or imagebuilders who use only opnesource (like openpli) can use Dream Multimedia components, so that more people want to buy a Dreambox, instead of what other manufactorers do, give imagebuilders all freedom to their devices with great success.

    Anyway, Great, finally Dreamboxes are not so far behind compared to other Enigma2 devices (who support opensource images). 8)
    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.
  • dolphs schrieb:

    Is there a list which blu ray drives are compatible, eg the sony-optiarc BD-5730S, at:
    I think any slimline BD-R is supported.
    Because it's used a optical device standard .(in 2008 their was a Linux kernel patch for Bluray, i suppose the newer 3.2 kernel in Dreambox will support Bluray, i mean how else can they write in that format). Maybe you can ask the manufactorer if their drive is supported under Linux kernel 3.2, just to besure before you buy it.
    DVD burner is also possible to burn miniBluRay .
    I mean I suppose it's the dvd-burn plugin who create a udf2.5 filesystem on the optical disc. So i suppose when burning bdmv to DVD , that it can be played on a BluRay player, becasue Bluray players are backwards compatible, so can read DVD, and since they're BluRay player, they support udf2.5 and bdmv.
    (Do correct me if i'm wrong)

    Only limit is storage capacity: DVD Capacity and maybe the readspeed of DVD. But i think that is high enough for DVB-S2, because if you burn a HD recording now as datadisc on DVD, and play it, then it plays correct with DVD drive(on dreambox or computer).

    Update: I try to use DVD-burn with BDMV (on DVDwriter drive with DVD+R), not working yet .
    Dreambox DM8000 HD PVR (HDD / DVD-rw | IPTV.

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